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Boca OB/GYN is an established medical practice serving the specific needs of women’s health



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Boca OB/GYN is an established medical practice serving the specific needs of womens health. We strive to be our patients’ first choice for OB/GYN resources in Boca Raton, specializing in personal care for adults, seniors and young women. We’re passionate about quality care and it shows; our patients aren’t just patients, they’re family. We provide treatment directly but also maintain relationships with a variety of specialists in the event we need to make a referral. In the rare event that hospitalization is required, we have privileges at local hospitals.

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Annual Breast & Pelvic Exam & Well Woman Exam

Family Planning & Counseling

Menopause & Hormone Therapy

Pap Smear / HPV Test

STD Screening & Treatment

Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Aesthetic Services

Microneedling – How it Works

Radio frequency has been scientifically proven to provoke collagen remodeling. Microneedling is a technique of creating tiny punctures in the superficial dermis to stimulate and increase the production of collagen, elastin, and new skin cells. The energy is safe and effective for cosmetic improvements that include scar reduction and skin tightening. The Morpheus 8 combines the two, delivering thermal energy of radio frequency waves to deeper layers of tissue via the adjustable microneedles. Ultimately, Microneedling with radio frequency affects both the epidermis and the dermis for maximum results.

Feminine Rejuvenation Treatments

Vtone | MorpheusV | Votiva | FormaV  are safe and effective treatments for:

  • Improve feminine health
  • Tightening the inner & outer labia
  • Restore blood flow
  • Treat urinary incontinence
  • Improving intimate function/lubrication
  • + more!



Dr Fleischer is an amazing physician. His office is very professional. His staff and nurses are extremely professional, courteous and helpful and have been with him for many years. It’s great to know that his office really cares about the patients. I strongly recommend!


Dr. Fleischer has been my doctor for ten years. He is excellent at what he does. The staff is very professional and helpful in every way.

Andrea D.

Dr. Fleischer’s professionalism is beyond! His calm attitude, confidence and knowledge and kindred spirit is truly welcoming! He made me feel very comfortable and at ease, he is super attentive and friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an excellent OBGYN!

Mihaela L.


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