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Expertise in breast surgical oncology along with years of experience have enabled us at Breast Care Center Miami to offer the best and most efficient approach to both minor and major interventions.

Feel free to reach out for more information about our office services for cutting edge treatment and breast health.

Minor Procedures

Many in office procedures can be performed with local anesthesia, skin biopsies, port removals, etc. Our aim is to provide our patients with the least invasive options, while maintaining their comfort during these procedures.

In Office Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a useful tool that is used to evaluate lesions. Our surgeons are proficient with its application and we can often offer same day breast ultrasounds to our patients.

Ultrasound-guided Breast Biopsy

Upon the detection of a suspicious mass or lump in the breast, it is important to take a sample in order to make a diagnosis. Instead of removing the entire mass, a more subtle and less invasive method is using ultrasound imaging to assist the surgeon in finding the affected area.

The final step is gathering the cell sample from the mass, which will then be further examined in the laboratory for final findings.

Ultrasound-guided Cyst Aspiration

Breast cysts that can form within a patient’s body, in one or both breasts, are most commonly benign. These growths are fluid-filled lumps that do not necessarily require treatment unless they cause discomfort or pain.

Much like a previously described biopsy, in ultrasound-guided cyst aspiration the breast surgeon will use the ultrasound to precisely guide the needle to the cyst, and instead of taking the cell sample will simply drain the fluid from it. The cyst itself collapses after the drainage, and the fluid is discarded in most cases unless there is a need to further examine the sample.

Services We Offer


Breast Surgical Oncology

Specializing in the surgical treatment of benign and malignant breast disease, our surgical oncologists provide the highest level of care available with a personal approach that supports our patients throughout their treatment journey.


Comprehensive Evaluation

Our highly qualified team will provide a comprehensive breast evaluation and a customized treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

Genetic Counseling and High Risk Screening

Many factors affect your risk of developing breast cancer. At Breast Care Center Miami we use the most up to date risk assessment models to estimate your risk of developing breast cancer. We also provide genetic testing and genetic counseling before and after genetic testing.

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  Simply the best!  

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