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We provide injections and vaccines for the flu, HPV, B12, and Depo Provera. If you live in or near Coral Springs, FL, visit us, and we will gladly provide immunization services for both children and adults. Immunization is essential for the suppression of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Services we offer include:

HPV Vaccination

HPV, also known as human papillomavirus, is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). It can be contracted by having vaginal and anal sex with someone who is infected, and more importantly, it can be passed even if the infected person has no symptoms or signs. 

While HPV can go away on its own without causing any serious health issues. However, it can cause problems like genital warts and even cancer. The HPV vaccine is safe, effective, and it can protect against diseases caused by the HPV virus when received at the right age.

Depo Provera Injection

Depo-Provera is a brand name for medroxyprogesterone acetate, which is a contraceptive injection that contains progestin. It acts by suppressing your ovulation and thus preventing your ovaries from releasing eggs. On top of that, Depo-Provera keeps the sperm from reaching the egg by thickening your cervical mucus. 

Depo-Provera is done in cases when you don’t want to take a birth control pill every day, you want to avoid using estrogen, and in cases when the patient has health issues such as seizures, anemia, and sickle cell disease. Usually, Depo-Provera is given every three months, and in a year of typical use, only six out of a hundred women will get pregnant. This risk is significantly reduced in women who get the injection every three months.

Flu Vaccination

The flu vaccine, also known as the influenza vaccine, protects you against infection by influenza viruses. Contrary to the popular misconception, the effects typically last through one flu season rather than lasting for a lifetime. 

This vaccine is recommended for everyone except infants. Children, adults, and the elderly will significantly benefit from a flu vaccine as it drastically lowers the risks of catching an influenza virus. Pregnant patients can also get the flu vaccine, and more importantly, immunization of pregnant women increases their chances of going through a successful full-term pregnancy.

B12 Injection

B12 shots are usually used as a means to prevent or treat vitamin B12 deficiencies. This particular vitamin makes new protein in your body by helping it to use fat and carbohydrates for energy. It is also essential for keeping your cells, blood, and nerves in an equilibrium. 

B12 deficiency usually occurs with people who struggle with certain health conditions, mainly cancer, infections, poor nutrition, and intestinal problems. Many patients feel that B12 injections even without deficiency increases their energy level.

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Women's health

Gynecological examinations and procedures

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Injections & Vaccinations

Injections and vaccinations are a necessary and important step toward preventing disease and keeping you and your family safe and healthy. We offer vaccinations for HPV and the Flu and Injections of Depo Provera and B12

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Obstetrical Care

From family planning to prenatal care and delivery, we are a partner you can trust for obstetrical care. We partner with you to deliver care in a way that best suits your needs.

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  I was treated by Yara Hatem the Nurse Practioner she was very nice took her time and made me feel comfortable!! I am terrified of doctors but she made the visit so easy . I will be seeing her for now on.  

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  When we moved to Michigan, I wished I could have taken Dr. McKenzie with us. She helped me deliver a beautiful baby girl after a risky pregnancy, and I haven’t found another OB/GYN I trust as much as I trusted her. I HIGHLY recommend her!  

Becky A.

  I am treated by Yara Hatem the Nurse Practitioner and needless to say the medical field needs more people like her in the profession. I feel safe, and in the best hands ever! THANK YOU YARA!  

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