Incontinence Therapy

Treatment for Urinary Incontinence

Pelvic floor disorders occur when muscles of the pelvic floor weaken or are damaged, which can occur from surgery including hysterectomy, childbirth (post-partum), or certain gynecological conditions. As a result of pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence often occurs.

Our compassionate team of board-certified gynecologists and nurse practitioners understands how uncomfortable you may feel discussing incontinence. Rest assured, our providers are discreet and comforting when it comes to explaining your treatment options.

Treatment for urinary incontinence depends on the type (stress, urge, overflow, or mixed) severity and underlying cause. In many cases, pelvic floor exercises can help you strengthen pelvic floor muscles to control urinary urges. You may be familiar with Kegel exercises, but Kegels are only one type of pelvic floor strengthening exercise.

At Green OB/GYN, we are highly trained and skilled in treating incontinence with strengthening exercises. Our providers will show you how to “find” the right muscles and use them correctly. We recommend incontinence therapy exercises to treat pelvic floor disorders involving the bladder, uterus, bowels, and vagina. Your personalized exercise plan is covered by your insurance, so you can restore pelvic health without worrying about cost.

It’s time to return to wellness without the worry and embarrassment of incontinence. Call our Coral Springs, Florida gynecology office today at (954) 341-2916 .


I was looking for a new Dr. and after some research went to Dr. Green and I am so happy I did. She is absolutely amazing. Her staff is super friendly and helpful, and she actually took the time to sit with me in my first consult in her office to go over some concerns. She was understanding and her experience gives me the confidence that I am in good hands. Highly recommend it!
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Dr Schnee was very professional, caring and gentle. The office staff was also professional and easy to talk to. I highly recommend this Doctor.
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When we moved to Michigan, I wished I could have taken Dr. McKenzie with us. She helped me deliver a beautiful baby girl after a risky pregnancy, and I haven’t found another OB/GYN I trust as much as I trusted her. I HIGHLY recommend her!
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MonaLisa Touch

Green OB/GYN Associates is proud to offer the MonaLisa Touch® procedure in Coral Springs, Florida. This innovative treatment is an FDA-approved laser therapy used to treat changes in vaginal health often caused by hormonal fluctuations brought on by menopause and certain health conditions.

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