There are a lot of physical changes taking place during pregnancy, and this is all due to your body preparing to give birth. You may develop cramps around the leg area and take more bathroom breaks during the night. Your feelings may be on a high from anticipation of the delivery. Then there isheartburn, hunger, vivid dreams and nightmares, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome and other anxieties. Getting enough rest during pregnancy can be a challenge so scheduling your alone time is  key to getting  adequate amounts of rest needed for your pregnancy.

Here are some suggestions to getting the sleep you need:

  • Avoid caffeine in all forms
  • Get your eight glasses of water (or other fluids), but taper off at night. Drink if you’re thirsty right before bedtime.
  • Exercise regularly — during the day or early evening. A daily workout will help you sleep better.
  • Take a warm bath just before bed. The soothing and relaxing effects of the bath should help relax you and prepare you for sleep.
  • Try some relaxation exercises — visualization, deep breathing, meditation, or even yoga before hitting the sack.