Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is our way of enabling the patients to interact with Dr. Green and his staff. Questions can be submitted on our website through the contact form.

Do you perform facials?

We offer both therapeutic and medical grade facials ranging from acne (deep cleansing) facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Our highly trained Medical Aesthetician will assess your skin care needs and formulate a treatment plan tailored for your skin type.

What are lasers?

Lasers emit an invisible light (in wavelengths longer than most humans can perceive) and are used in the treatment of hair removal, brown spots, and blood vessels. The light penetrates the skin without damaging it. Pigment in hair, skin, and blood vessels absorb the laser light, converting it into heat. This heat selectively disables hair follicles, destroys pigment in brown spots, and treats blood vessels.

How will I be billed? What if I am unprepared for the charges?

We have our own in-house billing department with a very experienced staff. We accept all insurances. If you have any concerns regarding your insurance coverage or if you aren’t certain you can manage your account, our staff will work with you.

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