Gynecologist in Coral Springs

We offer the following Gynecology services:

  • Annual well-woman exam and contraception counseling
  • Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Diagnosis & treatment of Abnormal Pap Smears
  • Menopausal evaluation and treatment, including counseling on management options and hormone replacement therapy
  • HPV testing, counseling, and vaccination
  • Bone density screening, follow-up studies, and osteoporosis treatment like Prolia
  • Pelvic and transvaginal ultrasounds
  • Evaluation, counseling, and treatment of urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse
  • Contraceptive Management + IUD’S
  • Colposcopy, Endometrial Biopsy, LEEP Procedures & Hysteroscopy
  • Fertility Screening & IUI

Dr. Kuhn also diagnoses and provides ongoing care for various gynecological conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Vaginal infections
  • Atrophic vaginitis
  • Endometriosis

We also offer the following vaccines:

  • Shingrix
  • TDAP
  • Gardasil
  • Flu Vaccine
  • Pneumococcal
  • Prevnar
  • Hepatitis A


The field of women’s reproductive health is what gynecology is thoroughly dealing with. Women of all ages are referred to gynecologists whose role is to provide them with care and treatment. Gynecological examinations, screenings, and tests are all made in a way that allows gynecologists to diagnose and detect serious health issues such as cysts, fibroids, or cancer. Women worldwide are encouraged to visit a gynecologist at least once a year so that any serious reproductive health issues can be caught in time and treated appropriately. Certain conditions and diseases are extremely difficult to detect, but with an experienced gynecologist by your side, you will be in good hands.

The role of a gynecologist is to provide his or her patients with relevant information and advice that can help improve their reproductive well-being and health. Besides performing a pelvic floor exam and an ultrasound, a visit to a gynecologist can include a talk about your age, medical history, sex life, and overall living habits. You should feel comfortable to disclose the mentioned information to your gynecologist because the chances are they will detect any possible health problems if there are any. In case you notice any unusual changes, don’t wait long before you tell your gynecologist because certain diseases and conditions are hard to diagnose and treat. The sooner you’re diagnosed, the better the chances of being given the proper therapy.
Gynecology has become a quite developed field of medicine thanks to the development of modern technology and equipment. By being able to use it while performing routine check-ups and examinations, gynecologists are able to provide their patients with competent care and better treatment options. Depending on your age and particular lifestyle, your gynecologist might suggest specialized screenings and tests that will give them a better insight into your overall well-being. Also, if you already have questions and dilemmas, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult your gynecologist. They are here to provide you with anything you might need.
Our team of gynecologists always tends to provide their patients with enough information about reproductive health and other relevant fields. We provide the necessary support for women of all ages while staying professional. Our office is supplied with modern equipment needed for performing examinations and tests that help make correct diagnoses. Contact us today and let us take good care of your reproductive health while providing you with an exceptional experience.

Patient Feedback

Joan B.

This is hands down the best Dr. I have had the pleasure of going to. He speaks to you in layman’s terms, easy to understand and NEVER condescending. PA Donna is equally fantastic , friendly, kind , knowledgeable and patient. The nurses are 100% on their game so is the reception staff- you cannot go wrong at this practice. Highly highly recommend  

Sharon H.

  Best doctor ever. Always on time and out of his office in less than an hour. Always calls you himself with any test results. Very caring. Hope he never retires! ? 

Allen L.

  Outstanding practice with that rare blend of superior knowledge and competence with enduring empathy. I have worked with all three of the physicians for differing issues and recommend them all highly. I have referred my daughters to this practice, and I know of no higher recommendation. I have moved quite a distance away from the practice and still go to this practice rather than seeking out a closer practice.  

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