MonaLisa Touch Treatment 
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MonaLisa Touch Laser Vaginal Therapy

Have you experienced changes in your vaginal health since menopause? Did you know that as many as 50% of women experience changes in their vaginal health and sexual health problems?

It’s OK to talk about it – because now there is a new therapy that really works!

MonaLisa Touch: A New Therapy for Vaginal Health

Patients are calling it “Life-Changing”

MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall that stimulates a healing response, generating new collagen in the tissue. A typical course of treatment is three procedures over 18 weeks.

  • In-office procedure
  • No anesthesia, virtually painless
  • No downtime
  • Minimal side effects
  • Each treatment is 5-10 minutes
  • Thousands of women have been treated worldwide since 2008

Relief from Female Dryness

In both European and US clinical trials, women reported symptom relief after the very first vaginal rejuvenation treatment and even greater improvement after treatments 2 and 3.

Ask us today if MonaLisa Touch is the right treatment for you. MonaLisa Touch FAQs >>

MonaLisa Touch Reviews

“This treatment is life changing. It is something that you can do without feeling scare that it is going to make your breast cancer come back or cause other health side effects.”

“After 2 weeks after the MonaLisa procedure it was like being a younger woman again, it was amazing. I feel like I recapture my intimacy. I would tell any of my friends that are experiencing the things that I experienced to please investigate this. There’s a revolution is women’s sexual well being, and it’s the MonaLisa Touch.”

“This is one of those silent things that women, I don’t know whether they’re ashamed, embarrassed, just thinking they’re the only ones out there that have this experience, but women aren’t talking about this.If there’s a part of you that’s holding back, and you’re not having the full life that you’d like to with your husband or your boyfriend, you’re not having everything you would like to in your life, I would absolutely say at least investigate the MonaLisa Touch. Find out what it could do. Find out if it can give you back an aspect of your life that you didn’t have anymore, that you thought was gone.”

“There’s no pain, no discomfort, there’s nothing to it. I definitely saw results pretty much immediately and continued to see even better results. He’s happier, yeah it’s had a big improvement. My message would be definitely try the MonaLisa. It’s worked for me and I’m very very happy with the results.”

“I had a hysterectomy when I was 35 and so I did hormone replacement therapy until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my early 40s. Once I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was taken off my hormone replacement therapy so it was sort of a cold turkey menopause in my early 40s. To find out that there was actually a laser that, in 3 treatments, could possibly provide me with what I hadn’t been getting in the last 10 years of trying – I was ecstatic. It was the most success we’d had in a long, long time. I am thankful and hopeful that that will be even better after the 2nd treatment and even better after the 3rd treatment.”

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