Everything related to sexual intercourse should be a matter of choice. When it comes to protection against sexually transmitted diseases and birth control, you need to choose the method that suits you best. 

It’s not always easy to choose a birth control method. You probably ask a lot of questions before deciding what is best for you. Before selecting a form of contraception, you should think about your plans, age, lifestyle and learn more about the types of birth control, their effects, and their consequences.

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What Methods of Birth Control Exist?

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There are many different forms of birth control, and you will find the right one for your needs.

Forms of birth control are:

  • Reversible contraceptives: 

You have the option to stop using them whenever you want. They are only effective while you are using them. 

Reversible birth control methods include: 

  1. Barrier options (female and male condoms, contraceptive sponges diaphragms, and cervical caps); 
  2. Hormonal methods — short-acting (birth control pills, vaginal ring, skin patch, and contraceptive injections);
  3. Spermicide or vaginal gel that is applied before sexual intercourse;
  4. Long-term birth control includes those forms of contraception that last for several years. That includes copper IUDs, hormonal IUDs, and contraceptive implants. Most of them last from three up to 10 years, but you can remove them earlier if necessary. This group of contraception methods are considered 99% safe in preventing pregnancy.

There is also a fertility awareness method. You know when you are fertile based on the days of the cycle, body temperature, secretions, and other factors. You use extra protection or avoid sexual intercourse on that days.

The most unreliable is interrupted intercourse, and you should not take it as a birth control method.

There is additional protection against unwanted pregnancy when you have already had unprotected intercourse. It’s the morning-after pill. It should not be used often, reserved only for emergencies.

  • Permanent birth control 

Permanent birth control is irreversible, and you should think about it thoroughly before making a decision. This includes sterilization – tubal ligation for women and vasectomy for men.

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What to Consider When Choosing Your Birth Control Method?

Before you decide on a method of birth control, here are some things you should consider:

  • Effectiveness of birth control method

You should use contraceptives correctly to prevent pregnancy. Some methods of birth control prevent the male sperm from getting to the egg. Others damage sperm, some of them prevent an egg from being released, etc. 

However, it is almost certain that conception will not occur if you use the long-term or permanent method of birth control.

Contraceptives such as condoms, spermicide, or birth control pills should be used properly, otherwise, they will be less reliable. Also, their contraceptive effects last as long as you use them.

  • Reversible or irreversible?

If you want or plan to have a child in the future, you should not go for sterilization. Only opt for this method when you are sure that you will never plan or want a pregnancy.

If you want a child latert, you can opt for long-term or other reversible birth control methods. 

It often happens that people use different forms of contraceptives at different ages. For example, a young woman may use birth control pills, but after giving birth she decides on an IUD, and when she is sure that she no longer wants to worry about possible pregnancies, she decides to get sterilized.

  • Benefits and side effects of contraceptives 

Many people feel both the pros and cons of using various forms of birth control.

Some of the benefits of hormonal contraceptives may be less painful and cause lighter menstrual cycles, clean skin, more beautiful hair, and a reduced risk of ovarian and uterine cancers. 

When it comes to barrier options, condoms are the only and best protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

However, there are side effects of contraception such as thrombosis, high blood pressure, or breast and cervical cancer. You should always take care of your general health and you should not take risks if there is a chance that some disease will occur.

  • What form of contraception can I afford?

Some of the birth control methods are not expensive and are accessible to everyone. Still some contraceptives may be more expensive. When you decide on the birth control method, think about the money you can spend on it. You should decide on the one that best suits you and your budget.

  • Lifestyle and birth control 

Simply put, pills might not be the best option if you are prone to forgetting taking them at the same time every day. If you have too many responsibilities and don’t want to think about contraceptives, long-term birth control may be for you.

The use of contraceptives should not be uncomfortable and distracting. For some, it is not a problem to go to their doctor for a prescription, but for some, it interferes with everyday life. 

Adjust the decision for the birth control method to yourself and your lifestyle.

  • Age and health

Contraception is important for sexually active people of any age. It is equally important for women and men.

Condoms protect you from STDs, and you should use them from the first sexual act. Condom use is especially important for people who are not in a monogamous relationship. Of course, a condom is also important for preventing conception, and it is the cheapest form of contraceptive on the market.

From first intercourse to menopause, birth control methods help you avoid unwanted pregnancies and manage your life, plans and time. Although you can use some contraceptives undisturbed for a long time without consequences, hormonal pills should be avoided if you are a smoker and over 35, have high blood pressure, liver disease, etc.

You should tell your gynecologist everything about your previous illnesses, general health, and life habits. You should not be ashamed or feel uncomfortable. If you talk openly, your doctor will be more likely to recommend the best method of contraception for you.

  • Religious beliefs and birth control methods


Concept of Choosing the Contraceptive Method. Bed Couple.

Certain religions and cultures do not allow the use of any method of birth control. If you, or your partner are a part of such a community, consider everything thoroughly and look for alternatives if you have to.

  • Relationship factors  

Choosing contraceptives will not be the same for people who have been with the same partner for years and those who change partners more often. Also, it will not be the same for those who already have children, who are planning their first child or do not want children at all.

If you have a partner, you should always talk openly with them about your plans and needs. You may have the same opinion about birth control methods, or you may disagree. You should always find a common solution that suits both of you.

The Bottom Line 

Whatever your wishes and plans for the future are, there is always a solution. If you are still not ready to become a parent, you are not sure that you want it at all, or you do not want it to happen unplanned, you can always opt for one of the various methods of birth control. Yes, you need to consider many things and think about them before deciding which contraceptive is best for you. But when you find the one that suits you, you will probably be relaxed and relieved.

For all your doubts and questions in choosing a method of birth control, contact our gynecologists at Women’s Healthcare Partners in Boca Raton & Boynton, FL, and we will be happy to help you.