Our department of obstetrics and gynecology at OBGYN By The Sea, LLC is always at your disposal for any issues related to childbirth, pregnancy, and the postpartum period. We provide our patients with the necessary education, care, and treatment at all stages of pregnancy, in collaboration with our gynecology specialists.

Services we offer include:

Preconception planning

Preconception health refers to a woman’s health before she gets pregnant. Every woman is different, but having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby depends on the woman’s lifestyle, behavior, as well as medical and vaccination history.

Before deciding to have a child and conceiving, every woman should have her health assessed by an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist to minimize the risks and unfavorable outcomes of the pregnancy. Book an appointment today and consult our experts about any pregnancy-related question. We can provide you with a detailed preconception plan and ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. 

Natural births and cesarean deliveries

Each woman can deliver a baby in two ways – naturally or by cesarean section. Each has its risks and benefits, but for further information consult your doctor. 

Natural births are generally the most desirable outcome of pregnancies, provided everything is okay with the mother and the baby. It includes a vaginal birth with little or no medical intervention by the doctors, sometimes with the help of labor anesthetics. 

A cesarean section is a procedure that involves delivering the baby through incisions in the mother’s uterus and abdomen. Some C-sections are planned ahead, but some are performed if it is considered necessary for the baby or the mother. 

For further information on natural births and C-sections consult your doctor. He or she should guide you through the whole process and ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. 

Full range of labor anesthetics including epidurals

Labor pain is usually caused by uterine contractions, the pressure on the cervix, and the stretching of the birth canal and vagina. Due to this, many women opt for various labor anesthesia, epidural being the most popular of all. 

Besides epidural, there are analgesic medications, local, regional, and general anesthesia. The women who decide to have an epidural should consult their doctor and an anesthesiologist to ensure they can use it safely and to minimize the risks of complications. After running the necessary tests on the patient, the doctor will decide what type of anesthetic is suitable and provide the patient with further information and instruction.

In-office ultrasound

In addition to all regular check-ups, we provide our patients with detailed in-office ultrasounds as well. Ultrasounds can be performed to control the medical health of women or to view and monitor the development of the fetus inside the uterus. 

A standard ultrasound exam for pregnant women includes monitoring the fetus’s physical status, estimating gestational age, and looking for major abnormalities. Contact us today and book an in-office ultrasound to make sure your pregnancy is going well by consulting someone from our team of obstetrics and gynecology specialists.  

Comprehensive in-office laboratory services

For the convenience of all its patients, OBYGYN By The Sea, LLC offers comprehensive in-office laboratory services. Using state-of-the-art technology and employing professional staff equipped for microbiological examinations, our patients are always in excellent hands. 

The laboratory services include a wide range of both women and men examinations with the aim of providing maximal care and treatment. For further information contact us and have your questions answered immediately.


Circumcision is a procedure performed to remove the skin covering the tip of the penis. In some cultures, it is a religious ceremony done at birth, but it can be performed any time. The benefits include better hygiene, prevention of penile problems and cancer, as well as decreased risk of urinary and sexually transmitted infections.

If you want your baby son to be circumcised, our team of doctors can provide you with further information.

Our Services

Gynecological exams at our clinic are patient-oriented and include modern technological and scientific advancements in areas of diagnostics and treatment. Our doctors are not only top-notch experts in their practice, but also prioritize a warm and gentle approach to patients.

Obstetrical care at OBGYN By The Sea offers safe child delivery under the supervision of our team of doctors and midwives to all patients who want their pregnancy handled with delicacy and expertise. A wide array of commodities await you at our clinic, including individual care and therapy of the highest standard, both for you and your child.

Patient Feedback

I love this dr offices they are so nice and answer all your questions dr spend lots of time with you ask you if you have any questions or anything I love get in fast no waiting time in lobby staff is wonderful dr is amazing.  

Best OBGYN there is. Friendly staff and works with you to schedule appointments. Makes you feel like a priority.  

This is an exceptional gynecology office. Dr. Fahey is friendly, gentle and very competent. Her staff is friendly and very helpful. Having a gynecologist exam is not a favorite thing on anyone’s list, but they made me feel very comfortable and well taken care off. I would highly recommend them!  

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