Pediatric services are organized on several levels – infirmary, neonatology department, stationery department for treating children of all ages, and diagnostics. These services, along with child surgery, complete the overall child medicine needs that pediatrics deals with. The health and wellbeing of your children will be in the hands of our carefully selected group of doctors, a number of consultants, and a team of highly dedicated nurses. Our mission is to have a constant selection of the best possible doctors from the country, to be a leader in modern medicine, and provide each and every child the highest quality care and treatment. We make special efforts to continually improve quality and introduce top of the line methods of diagnostics and treatment.

Owing to the experience of our professionals, their teamwork, and complete dedication, our youngest patients get to have the highest level of care and treatment available. Our multidisciplinary approach to diagnostics and treatment involves close cooperation with colleagues from other specialties and subspecialties. The treatment and monitoring of chronically ill children involve educating them and their parents about a new way of living and methods of treatment, not only to reduce the length of the illness but to substantially raise the quality of life for the child in treatment.  

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