Looking for a gynecologist in Plantation, Florida with a holistic approach to women’s health? The doctors at Plantation Gynecology are happy to address physical as well as emotional issues that affect women. Using a holistic approach allows us to look past your symptoms and see the real problem. We go beyond just writing a prescription – we listen and give advice as if you were a close friend or family member.

There is a deep sense of caring here, because if it weren’t for the wonderful patients, that come to Plantation Gynecology, we wouldn’t enjoy our work as much. Personalized medicine is only as effective as the relationship between a doctor and patient. That’s why our doctors and staff truly look forward to building a relationship with each and every patient. Not only does it add meaning to what we do, but it leads to better treatment outcomes.

MonaLisa Touch laser therapy is now available in our office. Learn how MonaLisa Touch can help you with menopause-related vaginal dryness, irritation, painful sexual intercourse, chronic bladder infections, and recurrent vaginal infections.


At Plantation Gynecology, our gynecologists will help you achieve and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle in every stage of life, from menstruation to menopause.

Covid-19 Information

Plantation Gynecology staff and providers are doing everything they can to continue to provide safe, convenient access to care and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Hurricane Information

In the event of a Hurricane Watch, our office will make preparations to close so that we can get home safely before the storm arrives. If such a warning is issued on a day the office is closed, we may not open the next business day. Patients with appointments will be notified directly if our closure affects them. In the event of a Hurricane Warning, if we are still open, we will close immediately. If closed, we will not open. Our office phone system will continue to work and, assuming that phone or cell-phone service or internet is still working, you will be able to reach us by phone or patient portal.


“Every visit we are greeted by the warm and friendly staff, never made to wait long, and made to feel as if we were the most important patient. We have not only recommended every friend who has ever asked to Dr. Grenitz and Dr. Hood, but several family members as well.”

Michelle J., patient

“It’s a way for us to always remember him and how lucky we were to have such an outstanding and caring physician help ensure her safe arrival into this world. I plan to continue having Dr. Hood and his entire staff by our side for whatever God has planned for our family and am forever grateful for everything he has done for us!”

Sylvia M., patient

“When choosing a physician I found that the number one thing on my priority list was not the number of years of practice, where they went to school, or how many babies they had delivered; what mattered most to me was how they made me feel when I was in their care.”

Verified, patient

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