Hernia Surgery in Miami, FL

Hernia Surgery – Risk Factors & Symptoms

When the supportive muscle covering the intestines becomes weakened or ruptured, a portion of intestine or other tissue may protrude through it. This condition is called a hernia. Though hernias often do not cause symptoms, when they do, these symptoms can include groin pain and tenderness that worsens when you bend or lift. Patients may also be aware of a lump or bulge in their groin area, abdomen, or scrotum.

The risk factors for developing hernias include:

  • Family history of hernias
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Having undescended testicles or an enlarged prostate
  • Straining from chronic constipation
  • Chronic coughing
  • Injury from sports, exercise, or heavy lifting

When Hernia Surgery is Needed

If your physician is unable to push your hernia back into place, you may require hernia surgery to repair it. The type of hernia that most often requires surgery to fix is called an inguinal hernia. These hernias occur most frequently in men and can appear in the groin or scrotum areas.

Dr. A. Enrique Whittwell is highly skilled at using laparoscopic surgery for repairing hernias, which is a minimally invasive surgery that is associated with less pain and scarring and a faster recovery time from surgery.

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