Healthy, good looking skin is a sign of general wellbeing, but also a result of care and gradual treatment of changes on the skin. Whether your skin needs medical-cosmetic care or you have symptoms that suggest skin disease, our clinic is ready to handle all your dermatological needs. 

We have a wide range of medical skin care programs that make a crucial part of dermatological therapy. Our experts provide a holistic dermatological examination of adults and children, including the early discovery of skin changes indicating melanoma. 

There are several skin conditions you need to watch out for. The most common ones are:

  • Dermatitis – Also known as eczema, dermatitis is an umbrella term for a group of skin conditions related to inflammation of dry skin (in some cases non-dry skin is also susceptible). You can suspect eczema if you have a rash on your skin followed by itching. The itching sensation can be intensive, and affect your sleep or general lifestyle. This condition affects all parts of the skin and people of all ages, but most vulnerable are children up to the age of 12.
  • Skin tumor – The types of tumors that affect the skin include benign tumors, precancerous tumors, malignant tumors (carcinoma and melanoma), and tumors that come from different organs. The main causes of tumors and skin cancer are UV rays, various chemical substances, genetic disorders, and diseases. 
  • Pruritus – Commonly known as itching, pruritus is an unspecified symptom, but not an illness of its own. This doesn’t mean it should be ignored or treated lightly. We have all experienced itching at one period, an unpleasant sensation that makes us scratch ourselves.
    Although harmless in most cases, sometimes it can indicate a disease. The two types of itching you should be aware of are acute itching and chronic itching. Acute itching lasts up to 6 weeks and it’s mostly caused by allergic or infective factors. Chronic itching lasts longer than 6 weeks and can be linked with more severe diseases
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“I was beyond impressed with my experience at this doctor’s office. My first contact was with Adriana and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind she was. My appointment ran on time, she was really knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout the appointment! I would highly recommend this dermatologist”

John C., patient

“Having suffered adult acne for years I have seen my share of Dermatologists. Dr. Villa is the best! She is thorough and caring. She takes her time with the patients and knows her stuff. I have recommended her to three of my co-workers and they all love her. Highly recommend!”

Naimy S., patient

“Dr Villa is like very few doctors I’ve seen in the US. She cares and makes sure you understand all details, she listens and she is very knowledgeable. I felt I was in good hands and I’m glad I found her”

Robert P., patient