Expert Obstetric Care and Support

Our physicians understand the changing needs and emotions of our pregnant moms, and we will walk with you every step of the way, providing information and support. We would be honored to help you plan for this exciting time as your body brings forth new life.

Compassionate and Experienced Prenatal Care

We are committed to providing compassionate care at all stages of pregnancy. If you know you are pregnant, or think that you may be pregnant, make an appointment to visit one of our obstetricians to ensure proper fetal development. Early prenatal care helps protect the health and well-being of both the mother and baby.
We understand your concerns and will provide you with the help and education you need during pregnancy. We offer our pregnant moms nutritional counseling about diet and prenatal vitamins, information about labor, delivery and breastfeeding, as well as access to a variety of resources concerning pregnancy.

Follow-up pre-natal visits occur about every four weeks during the first two trimesters in order to check a patient’s blood pressure and weight. As the second trimester begins, an examination often allows for the mother to hear her child’s heartbeat. In the third trimester the frequency of prenatal visits increases. In the last weeks of pregnancy patients will be seen weekly. These visits allow time for the patient to ask any questions she might have.
Patient’s are always encouraged to ask any questions they might have regardless of how uncomfortable or embarrassing they may be. Help is always available whenever our patients need it.

High-risk Obstetrical Care

Throughout your pregnancy, our team monitors the growth and development of your baby. Over the nine months, at routine visits, your obstetrician will check your weight, monitor hormones and assess your baby’s progress. We use advanced sonography, and our trained staff will update you throughout the stages of pregnancy. Although you may face nothing more than swollen ankles and morning sickness during this time, our physicians have the expert training to address any additional issues that arise, including complications from advanced maternal age, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and pre-term labor.

“Offering compassionate and experienced Prenatal Care.”

Office Hours

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Patient Feedback

“Dr. Alvarez is truly a gem in Miami. It is so difficult to find a doctor that is genuine as well as thorough. I have never felt rushed. He delivered my first baby and my whole pregnancy was such a great experience due to being under his care. His staff is also extremely helpful and the front desk ladies are very sweet. I appreciate that they always follow up on the same day whenever I’ve called with questions or concerns.”

Darlin P.

“First i would like to thank Dr. Alvarez and all his staff, from front desk to his assistant gloria that is such of great person! For making a really good experience through all this year. Never felt so comfortable and peaceful attending this office. And beyond blessed to have Dr. Alvarez delivered my second born baby! Would always recommend Dr. Alvarez and his staff.”

Chabeli S.

“As a new patient, I was given paperwork immediately, and it was processed quickly after. I was offered a complimentary allergy testing as I waited to be seen, so that was a great time saver. Dr. Vinueza was very kind and relatable, there was also a female assistant in the room during the pap smear which I appreciated. I was sent my prescription with no issues. :)”

Samantha O.