All women should see their gynecologist yearly for an annual exam. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it is recommended that an annual breast and abdominal exam begin during the teenage years and routine pelvic exams begin at the age of 21.

Pelvic exams are done to identify problems with a woman’s reproductive tract. They include a PAP smear, which is a screening tool for pre-cancerous and cancerous cells of the cervix. It is critical that women participate in their own preventative healthcare maintenance and come for their yearly exams. Some diseases and cancers cannot be prevented, but early detection is key.


Services offered

  1. Routine and yearly examinations
  2. Pap smears and cervical cancer screening
  3. Contraception and family planning:
    1. Oral contraceptive pills
    2. Nuvaring
    3. IUD- Mirena and Paragard
    4. ESSURE
    5. Diaphragm fitting
  4. Adolescent and pediatric gynecology
  5. Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  6. Endometrial Ablation
  7. Fibroids
  8. Abnormal Pap Smears
  9. Ovarian Cysts
  10. Premenstrual Syndrome management
  11. Endometriosis
  12. Pelvic Pain
  13. Infertility Evaluation and treatment
  14. Incontinence
  15. Endometriosis
  16. Menopause management
  17. Osteoporosis and Osteopenia diagnosis and treatment
  18. Pelvic Prolapse
  19. Pessary Fitting

Gynecologic Surgery

  1. Hysterectomy
  2. Ovarian Cystectomy
  3. Myomectomy
  4. Minimally Invasive Surgery

In Office Procedures

  1. Colposcopy
  2. Cryosurgery
  3. Sonohysterogram
  4. Endometrial Biopsy

Patient Feedback

“The office staff is always welcoming, friendly, professional, and courteous! Dr. Schey has always provided a caring and compassionate approach to patient care. She is very thorough in her examinations and recommendations, I never feel rushed during my appointment times with her, and I would highly recommend this office and Dr. Schey  to anyone interested in looking for a new OB/GYN!”

Nicole M.

“My mom has been coming to Dr. Schey for as long as I can remember and I’ve been coming since I was 16. She, and her staff, has always made us very comfortable. I live in Orlando now and still make the drive to Boca annually for appointments. Dr, Schey has also always been very helpful whenever I have had any questions after hour”

Alexis B.

“Staff are super nice and friendly. Dr.schey is amazing! She just delivered my first baby and everything was great!”

Min Chiu K.

“This was my first visit to see Dr. Scehy. The office is beautiful and very clean. The office staff was very nice as well. Dr. Schey made me feel very comfortable and was very easy to talk to. My previous gynecologist was amazing and since she is not practicing anymore that lead me to find a new Dr. I didn’t think I would find anyone as personable, friendly, and as comforting as my previous Dr. but I believe I did! I hope for many more yearly Dr. visits with Dr. Schey!!!”

Brooke G.

“Dr. Schey is the best hands down! I have been seeing her for over two years. She guided me through my first high risk pregnancy and made me feel safe despite all the ups and downs I went through. She is now helping me with my second pregnancy and I would trust no one else to deliver my son. She is attentive and very detailed and I feel that really cares about me as a person. The staff is wonderful. Always friendly and available to help.”

Jessica A.

“Dr. Schey and her staff are great! The doctor is very personable, makes you feel comfortable and not rushed, defiantly would recommend, it is so hard to find the right doctor and so glad that I finally found her!”

Wendy L.

“Dr. Schey is the BEST!! She is incredibly brilliant, kind, caring, and truly an expert. I am constantly impressed by her and continue to be grateful for her as my doctor each time I visit. She is simply wonderful. The experience at her office is lovely too, I always feel so welcomed and valued by everyone on her team!”

Ashley B.

“Words cannot express the amount of respect I have for Dr. Schey and her team. She has given birth to my son and is single-handedly responsible for the best gift in my life. Each visit with her is reassuring, stress-free, and educational. She knows how to treat her patients especially if they are nervous and scared, her bedside manner is exemplary. Going to a gynecologist is one of the most difficult things, yet she makes it so easy and comfortable. I recommend Dr. Schey with flying colors to anyone looking for a doctor who can make these visits easy to go to.”

Stephanie K.

“Absolutely awesome office! Dr Schey is smart and has a great bedside manner. Very warm and competent staff. I am excited to have found such a great OBGYN.”

Janine C.

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