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Although the field of gynecology is not really in women’s good books, its existence has helped diagnose and detect numerous health issues that affect women during their reproductive age. While obstetrics takes care of women during pregnancy and the postpartum period, gynecology treats all other women, from puberty to menopause. 

Every woman should be aware of what is recommended for her particular age group because it can help prevent serious health complications. Gynecologists are here to perform tests and examinations, but also to operate on women who have been diagnosed with fibroids, cysts, or cancer. Your gynecologist should walk you through every test, procedure, and surgery to ensure your confidence and well-being

There is no universal formula that tells when it’s the right time for a woman to visit a gynecologist. Although many women tend to avoid these visits, it is recommended that you regularly visit your gynecologist. Why is this so important? Well, you’ve probably heard or read that certain diseases, illnesses, and conditions have no visible symptoms and are very hard to detect and diagnose. To prevent further complications and avoid complex procedures and treatments, every woman should consult her gynecologist as soon as she notices unusual changes.
Depending on your age and overall state, it’s recommended that you visit a gynecologist for routine checkups, examinations, and screenings once a year or once every six months. This is the best and safest way for you to know if anything has changed. Also, if you notice any unusual symptoms, don’t wait long before you consult your gynecologist about what might be the problem. Gynecologists are responsible for giving you enough information about necessary tests, screenings, and treatment options. By using contemporary equipment, they are able to establish serious health issues and provide you with prompt and adequate treatment

If you haven’t found a gynecologist you are comfortable with, you can book an appointment with us, today. Our team is at your disposal for all questions and dilemmas and our office is completely equipped for performing various gynecological examinations on the spot. We can provide you with thorough examinations and tests while ensuring your experience stays positive. Conscientious care and competent approach are what makes us provide our patients with valuable information about their reproductive health

Patient Feedback

Linda S.

  He is the best doctor, period. I have been going to him for over 15 years now. I’ve had medial issues and he has always taken amazingly good care of me. I love his office staff, they are all wonderful as well. I really don’t know what I would do without him.  

Caitlin S.

He is the best. He delivered my first child after I had a 3 day long home birth and needed emergency assistance. He literally changed my whole opinion on hospitals and hospital births. He has the most wonderful, comforting bedside manner and truly inspires confidence in even the most skeptical of patients. I am pregnant with my second child and saw him again today to start with him from the beginning this time. He is a truly wonderful doctor. You are in very good hands with Dr. Lubetkin.  

Stesha J.

Everyone was very nice and professional! The doctor was very caring and understanding. He explained everything in a way for me to get what my opinions are. I highly recommend him!  

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