Pediatric Services in Miami, FL

We only allow one parent or guardian to accompany the child. We also do not allow pets with the exception of ADA service animals.

X-ray Imaging for Kids

X-ray imaging is a painless method that helps doctors understand what’s going on inside the body. The Diagnostic Center of Miami offers medical x-ray imaging for children, and the services may range from abdominal x-rays to x-rays of the bones, depending on the child’s situation. The Center uses specialized techniques for pediatric patients, to ensure that they’re comfortable and calm while undergoing the service.

Pediatric Ultrasounds

Your child may need an ultrasound, also called sonography, to diagnose a medical condition. Ultrasounds are a type of imaging that uses sound waves to produce pictures of specific body parts. The Diagnostic Center of Miami strives to ensure that the ultrasound procedures are quick and painless.


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