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At Fabienne Achille MD, we take care of women of all ages and stages – from puberty to adolescence and throughout adulthood. We do our best to support happy and healthy lives for our patients.

Services we offer include:

Breast Health-exam is used to detect lumps in your breast or other changes that need to be tested. Breast exams are the most important early breast cancer screenings. Lumps don’t necessarily mean cancer – they can imply a lot of other things like infections or cysts. 

Although breast self-exams are not reliable they are an important part of the patients’ self-health education. The changes patient notice might be benign, but it’s really important to check for anything unusual, just in case. Our team of experts can do a breast exam or a mammogram, and if the results show you need special care, they can refer you to a specialized breast clinic.

Many women are diagnosed with vaginal infections, but generally, all problems can be treated successfully if caught in time. Those who have problems with genital tract infections may undergo tests to determine the cause of the problem. This test is known as vaginal, cervical, endocervical, or female genital tract culture, and the doctor should know when to perform it. 

If you notice a vaginal discharge that is accompanied by pain or unusual color and odor, or simply any strange feeling and symptom, don’t wait to consult some of our specialists and book an appointment today.  We can provide you with a thorough examination and create a detailed treatment plan if any traces of infection are found.

The Pap test is a great success story in early detection. In most cases, a swab of the cervix can reveal cells that are abnormal before cancer appears. At age 21, women should start having a Pap test every three years, but women at higher risk may need testing more often, so it’s best to check with our doctors. 

If pre-cancerous or abnormal cells are found, they can be frozen off via a method called cryotherapy. If cancer is discovered our doctors can remove or destroy the affected part of the cervix. If not discovered and treated early, cervical cancer can prove to be fatal. However, if it is caught in time it can be treated and even cured before it spreads.

Fertility problems have become a major problem in the modern world, so people often consult gynecologists and obstetricians for detail fertility screenings and further referral to a specialist for infertility treatments. 

If you have been trying to conceive for more than a year, it would be good to consult the department of obstetrics and gynecology so they can run some fertility tests and make sure there are no biological impediments for conception. The doctor will ask you about your medical history, your sex life and about your periods, but be prepared to answer all types of questions. After giving all the necessary information, the doctor will run tests like Pap smear, ultrasound, colposcopy, and others that are needed for detailed examinations and appropriate treatment.

For women of all ages, hormonal assessments are carried out to establish if there are any hormonal imbalances that cause problems such as weight gain, infertility or decreased libido. These tests are also done to determine if a woman is entering menopause. 

Hormonal blood tests include checking of the hormones such as prolactin, testosterone, progesterone, and oestradiol. In agreement with your doctor, further tests can be done if needed. These tests allow your doctor to create an accurate plan of treatment if one is needed.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that infects both males and females causing potentially serious diseases. While high-risk (oncogenic) HPV types can cause cancer, low-risk (non-oncogenic) HPV types mainly cause genital warts.

HPV vaccines may prevent 80% of anal cancer, 70% of cervical cancer, 60% of vaginal cancer, 40% of vulvar cancer and some mouth cancer. Studies show that patients can reduce the risk of getting certain types of HPV-related cancer by up to 99% if receiving the HPV vaccine prior to being sexually active. 

If your Pap exam results show a minor abnormality, you may need to repeat it. Our doctors will schedule a colposcopy – which is a test done with a lighted magnifying device that will help them get a better look at the cervical tissue and check for changes, as well as to take a sample for microscope examination. If abnormal cells prove to be precancerous, they can then be easily removed or destroyed. These treatments are highly successful in preventing precancerous cells from developing into cancer. 

Not all atypical cells found in the cervix signify cancer or precancer, some of them are signs of passing or existing HPV infection. This said, abnormal results are no sign of panic, they can be false alarms or life-saving ones.

Modern technology is enabling doctors worldwide to be more accurate and efficient when it comes to discovering and treating serious illnesses such as cancer. 

Mammograms have been used for years now to help prevent cancer in women, providing better imaging that helps detect smaller abnormalities even sooner with the aim of better treatment results. This is the best tool for discovering and preventing breast cancer in women of all ages. 

A bone density scan is used for detecting bone problems, such as osteoporosis. Many women who enter menopause are met with a decrease in bone density and mass which makes their bones more prone to breaking. Contact our team and you will be assessed and provided with all the necessary information and examinations.

A well-woman exam consists of multiple parts to help the doctor get a general picture of a woman’s overall reproductive health. Pap exam, a test screening of pat smears found in the cervix, is one of the staples of the annual Well Woman exam. 

If the results of a Pap smear are normal and no cancerous cells are found, women don’t need to have another Pap smear screening for 3 years unless our doctors discover abnormalities that would warrant a Pap test to be done sooner.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a reality that no person should put a blind eye on. Most of the time, STDs have no symptoms, so testing is the only way to know for sure if you have them. 

Our clinic offers extensive STD screenings including those for HIV, syphilis, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and Hepatitis B. If you’ve had vaginal, anal, or oral sex, talk with a doctor or nurse about getting tested. 

Our Services


Our physician is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and can provide you with a variety of gynecological services from screenings and assessments, to hormone replacement therapy.

Obstetric Care

Whether you need high risk prenatal care or postpartum care, we will be by your side to make sure you and your baby are healthy throughout your entire pregnancy.


With years of experience under our belt, we provide our patients with careful disease management and appropriate treatment options. Our patients include women of all ages, from adolescence to womanhood.


For people who don’t plan on having children in the near future, or at all, our team offers education and application of different contraceptive methods like birth control pills and injections…

Surgical Services

Often times surgery is a necessary form of treatment to reduce pain and improve results. our experts physicians are among the top in their field and have a record of successful outcomes for our patients.

In Office Services Provided

To support you on your health journey, the department of obstetrics and gynecology offers in-office services including ultrasounds, laboratory services, and the MonaLisa Touch® procedure.

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Michelle A.

Super professional, hard to find doctors in south florida who take their time and genuinely care about their patient. 10/10  

Teresa L.

  Dr Achille and her entire staff from nurses to front office are amazing! She is incredibly compassionate and professional! I would recommend her to EVERYONE without hesitation!! If you are looking for an amazing OBGYN Dr. Achille is the best!!  

Annette S.

  Even though I had an evening appointment, I was seen right away. Dr Achille has a wonderful bedside manner.  

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