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Our obstetrician team is comprised of experts on obstetrical care. Competent staff, patient-centered approach, and attention to detail are some of the things we can provide our patients with, together with diligent medical care and proper treatment.

Services we offer include:

Although many women establish they are pregnant thanks to a home pregnancy test, it’s recommended that they schedule a visit to an obstetrician who can confirm the pregnancy by checking your hCG levels in urine or blood and doing an ultrasound. This is the most secure way to know you are really pregnant because home pregnancy tests can be falsely positive or negative. 

In addition to confirming the pregnancy, the doctor will run some tests like bloodwork, Pap smear, blood sugar test, STD test, and some other with the aim of ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy. An ultrasound can be performed at your first visit as well, but many doctors decide to wait before doing it.

Delivering a baby is the final stage of pregnancy, and the safety of the mother and the baby are the doctors’ number one priority. Childbirth can be natural or vaginal and by Cesarean section. The natural way is the preferred one, but if there are risks for the baby or the mother, a C-section must be performed. 

If there are no impediments for a natural birth, it can be done with or without epidural anesthetics. The recovery time is minimal in this case and possibilities for complications are minimized. 

A C-section can be planned ahead, if the pregnancy is considered risky for the mother or the baby, or it can be done on the spot after assessing the overall situation. Although quite safe nowadays, a C-section is major surgery and should be performed only if absolutely necessary.

High-risk pregnancies are the ones that jeopardize the health of the mother and the baby. Some pregnancies are considered high-risk from the beginning, while certain develop over time due to numerous factors. 

Factors that add up to high-risk pregnancies are the mother’s age, lifestyle choices, medical and surgical history, pregnancy complications, and multiple pregnancies. 

Once diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, the mother should make sure to always be in touch with her obstetrician and keep up with all the tests and examinations to minimize the possibilities for further complications. Contact us today and book your prenatal visit with an expert on the matter. We can provide you with diligent medical care and adequate treatment.

After giving birth, many mothers tend to forget about taking care of their health simply because they are preoccupied with their new role as a mother and with the well-being of their babies. However, the first six weeks after delivery are crucial for the mother’s proper recovery and should be filled with rest, healthy diet and hydration. 

It is important that a mother takes good care of herself during the postpartum recovery and seek help if she notices any problems with her healing process or postpartum depression. A visit to the doctor will include a physical examination, an assessment of the mother’s mental health, and a discussion about any possible questions and inquiries. 

Booking a pre-conception counseling visit to an obstetrics and gynecology clinic is recommended to all future parents. Pre-conception counseling will allow future parents to get familiar with possible risks and benefits of pregnancy and prepare them for the most beautiful period in their lives. 

During this visit, your doctor will ask you questions related to your medical and surgical history, lifestyle habits, previous pregnancies, medications, and living and working environment. Additionally, you may undergo some tests and the doctor will suggest starting on a prenatal vitamin. For further information, contact our team of professional doctors.

As soon as they become pregnant, women should start going to regular check-ups to ensure the best prenatal care for themselves and their babies. Prenatal care consists of regular visits to your obstetrician or gynecologist. The frequency will be determined based on how far along you are and based on your overall medical condition. 

It is important to go to all your check-ups to prevent any complications and ensure you and your baby enjoy a healthy pregnancy. For the first 32 weeks of the pregnancy, you may expect examinations every 4 to 6 weeks. From week 32 until week 37 your doctor will ask you to come every 2 to 3 weeks and after the 37th week, you will have appointments every week or more often until you give birth to your baby. 

An obstetrics ultrasound is performed to detect pregnancy in women. They have been used for years and provide immediate answers related to the existence of pregnancy. All pregnant women undergo OB ultrasound while they are pregnant to reduce the risks of any possible complications and problems. 

An OB ultrasound can determine the gestational age, diagnose any abnormalities, evaluate the position of the fetus and the placenta, determine the amount of amniotic fluid, and all other relevant information that ensures a healthy pregnancy. 

Genetic testing includes a test of a person’s DNA to detect any possible hereditary diseases, disorders or conditions. Genetic tests can be performed during pregnancy and provide the doctor with detailed information about the possible abnormalities the fetus has.

Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) are the two most common procedures carried out during pregnancy that can give information about genetic disorders in babies.  Although they carry certain risks, the procedures are very effective and usually successfully carried out. Before opting for any of these, consult your doctor and make sure to know all the risks and benefits.

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Our physician is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and can provide you with a variety of gynecological services from screenings and assessments, to hormone replacement therapy.

Obstetric Care

Whether you need high risk prenatal care or postpartum care, we will be by your side to make sure you and your baby are healthy throughout your entire pregnancy.


With years of experience under our belt, we provide our patients with careful disease management and appropriate treatment options. Our patients include women of all ages, from adolescence to womanhood.


For people who don’t plan on having children in the near future, or at all, our team offers education and application of different contraceptive methods like birth control pills and injections…

Surgical Services

Often times surgery is a necessary form of treatment to reduce pain and improve results. our experts physicians are among the top in their field and have a record of successful outcomes for our patients.

In Office Services Provided

To support you on your health journey, the department of obstetrics and gynecology offers in-office services including ultrasounds, laboratory services, and the MonaLisa Touch® procedure.

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Super professional, hard to find doctors in south florida who take their time and genuinely care about their patient. 10/10  

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  Dr Achille and her entire staff from nurses to front office are amazing! She is incredibly compassionate and professional! I would recommend her to EVERYONE without hesitation!! If you are looking for an amazing OBGYN Dr. Achille is the best!!  

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  Even though I had an evening appointment, I was seen right away. Dr Achille has a wonderful bedside manner.  

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