Adolescent gynecology offers all the treatments and care of regular gynecology but especially catered to teens and adolescents. Establishing a trusting environment where young woman feel confident discussing their concerns and establishing confidentiality is a key component.
Establishing good healthy habits at a young age and empowering young women ensures that each patient has the knowledge to take control of her health now and in the future.

Most of our pediatric patients come from pediatricians from the community who need guidance with a particular problem. However, we do take new pediatric patients at any age per request. A pediatric patient is anyone under the age of 13.

What happens in an adolescent gynecological exam?

  • Basic history and vitals are taken. We discuss any concerns the teen and/or parent may have. We welcome parents to be present for the discussion but do recommend some privacy as well so that the teen can feel comfortable asking questions. 
  • Clinical breast exam may or may not be done depending on teens age and concerns. 
  • A pelvic exam is rarely performed unless there is an indication for it or concern. The exam focuses on the external genitalia. An invasive exam is rarely performed and would always be done in the presence of the parent. 
  • Lifestyle modifications, nutrition advise, and exercise reinforcement is given. We focus on healthy body image. 
  • Education about HPV vaccine and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
Adolescent GYN
Adolescent GYN

A select team of experts from our clinic offers all kinds of gynecology exams from annual checkups to Papanicolaou tests. We also provide minimally invasive surgery, as well as help with choosing the right contraceptive method.

Some of the most typical visits to a gynecologist for adolescents include the following:

  • Application of the IUD device (intrauterine birth control device). These are mostly used to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but can also be used in therapy. IUD devices come in various shapes and sizes, you can consult your doctor to choose the best one for you.

  • Ultrasound exam of the pelvic region and reproductive organs. It can be an abdominal pelvic ultrasound. No transvaginal approach needed.

  • Discuss irregular, heavy, or painful periods.
  • Vaginal discomfort, infections or other concerns.
  • Body image and breast concerns.

  • Discuss contraception and educate on safe sex if needed.
  • Nexplanon insertions (transdermal progesterone only birth control)

  • Prenatal care


Gynecology is the field of medicine that deals extensively with female reproductive health. Unlike obstetrics that takes care of pregnant women, gynecology usually treats women who are not pregnant. Gynecology comprises examinations, tests, and procedures that involve the female reproductive organs – vagina, ovaries, uterus, as well as the breasts.

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Although gynecology and obstetrics are closely related, they cover different medical fields. While gynecology mostly treats women of all ages who have various health issues, obstetrics deals with pregnant women and their health conditions.

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The term adolescent comes from the Latin word adolescere which means to transition into adulthood, or simply to grow up. Adolescence is a bio-physical-social stadium of development between childhood and adulthood.

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