The term adolescent comes from the Latin word adolescere which means to transition into adulthood, or simply to grow up. Adolescence is a bio-physical-social stadium of development between childhood and adulthood. Adolescent gynecology offers all the treatments and care of regular gynecology but especially catered to younger women.
Our adolescent gynecology system is organized to provide modern prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of gynecological illnesses in adolescents through conservative treatment and surgical methods. Modern gynecology is closely tied to obstetrics, meaning that it also studies and monitors pregnancy and the changes that go on in the female body, starting from conception and ending with the postpartum period. This means we also offer modern planning and monitoring physiological and pathological pregnancies by vaginal birth or cesarian section (C-section). Our gynecology team stands out by providing the highest level of professionalism and care, dedication towards the patients, teamwork, and multidisciplinary approach.

A select team of experts from our clinic offers all kinds of gynecology exams from annual checkups to Papanicolaou tests. We also provide minimally invasive surgery, as well as help with choosing the right contraceptive method.

Some of the most typical visits to a gynecologist for adolescents include the following:

  • Classic – bimanual exam of the female genitalia, along with a speculum exam

  • Application or removal of the IUD device (intrauterine birth control device). These are mostly used to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but can also be used in therapy. IUD devices come in various shapes and sizes, you can consult your doctor to choose the best one for you.

  • Colposcopy – examining the cervix, vulva, and vagina using a microscope. This exam is the primary screening method for discovering precancerous and other changes on the cervix.

  • Ultrasound exam of the pelvic region and reproductive organs. It can be abdominal and vaginal.



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