Although gynecology and obstetrics are closely related, they cover different medical fields. While gynecology mostly treats women of all ages that have various health issues, obstetrics deals with pregnant women and their health conditions. In many cases, doctors specialize in both fields and are trained for both professions. Your gynecologist will tell you from the start if they are experienced in both so you can find an obstetrician in case they aren’t. As a medical field that takes care of pregnant women, obstetrics covers pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Considering it only treats and takes care of pregnant women, obstetrics has a much narrower field to cover, and it specializes in examinations and treatments that are only relevant for pregnant women and women who have given birth recently. Obstetricians have the task of taking care of women who are trying to conceive, pregnant women, and women who have become mothers. They often collaborate with gynecologists to ensure the patient is getting the best necessary care. Multiple pregnancies and high-risk pregnancies require constant medical care, so it’s advisable that you have a good obstetrician by your side.

At your first prenatal visit, your obstetrician will first assess your health and ask you some general questions to identify possible health threats. In addition to this, they might run a few routine tests that are normally done at the beginning of every pregnancy including an ultrasound, a pelvic floor exam, and some blood tests. Depending on your particular lifestyle, your obstetrician might suggest some lifestyle changes to ensure that your pregnancy goes without any serious health issues. If you’ve been drinking alcohol or smoking, you will be advised to stop immediately to make sure you and the baby stay safe and healthy.

If you’re trying to conceive, it’s a good idea to consult someone from our team of obstetricians. We have a lot of experience in helping women carry their pregnancies to term, as well as providing necessary help and guidance throughout the pregnancy and once the baby comes. Our team of skilled obstetricians has a lot of experience in providing pregnant women with information, advice, and care needed during this sensitive period. You can book an appointment today and make sure to ask everything you’re interested in. Our staff is at your disposal at all times.



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