We shave, tweeze, and wax hair on our face and body. Waxing and shaving are time-consuming, costly, and can irritate us.  The skin may turn red, inflamed, or ingrown hairs may appear. 

Luckily, there’s a solution. It is possible to solve the problem of unwanted body hair in the long term, and that is with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a very popular treatment today that can make our everyday life easier. You can go to the beach or pool at a moment’s notice. Not to mention, your skin will be smooth, without hair and redness or bumps. If you feel self-conscious about hair on your face or body, laser hair removal is a great solution for you.

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure. The laser emits a light beam into the hair follicle. The follicle absorbs energy that is converted into heat. This affects the hair pigment (melanin) and destroys the hair follicle.

Hair on our face and body does not grow all at once. This is why it takes six treatments, one month apart, to achieve 90% hair reduction.  

Laser removal works best on people with light skin tone and dark hair. This type of hair has a pigment that absorbs laser energy better than light-colored hair. Gray and blonde hair cannot be treated with laser hair removal. People of all skin tones can be treated with laser hair removal by our Board Certified Dermatologist.

A Woman Tunes a Laser Hair Removal Machine. She Holds a Working Part of the Epilator in Her Hands.

Before Laser Removal

Before you decide on laser removal, you should check with a doctor whether you are the right client for this procedure.

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Before laser hair removal, your doctor will:

  • talk to you about your medical history and determine the condition of your skin
  • point out the advantages and possible risks of the procedure
  • take photographs of the area before and after laser hair removal to see the changes and the success of the procedure. 

Laser hair removal should not be done if you are pregnant, have epilepsy, or have a serious illness.

For the best outcome, before laser hair removal, you should:

  • avoid sun exposure (both before and after treatment)
  • avoid other hair removal methods such as electrolysis, plucking, or waxing
  • avoid blood-thinning medications
  • trim or shave the hairs before the procedure

You will need six treatments for the long-lasting effects of laser hair removal. The treatments are spaced four weeks apart.  

During and After the Procedure

Before the procedure, you should know which areas can be treated. We most often remove unwanted hair with a laser from the:

  • armpits
  • upper lip
  • chin
  • bikini line
  •  legs
  • arms
  • abdomen
  • chest
  • back
  • face, except the area around the eyes

Laser hair removal is not recommended in areas where you have tattoos.

Before laser hair removal, the doctor will clean the area of the skin that is being treated. To make it as comfortable as possible,  a numbing cream will be applied for 30 minutes before the laser hair removal You will also be provided with protective eyewear.

The doctor will apply the laser onto your skin, and the laser beam will penetrate down to the hair follicle, damaging it with heat energy, therefore inhibiting hair growth.

Depending on how large the skin area is, laser removal procedures can take several minutes to a half-hour.

Immediately after laser treatment, swelling and redness may occur in these areas. Cold compresses will help.

Side effects such as skin irritation and changes in skin pigmentation may occur and can easily be treated. 

After laser hair removal, you should avoid sun exposure and UV rays for about two weeks. Also, you should use sunscreen with SPF 30 daily.

Young Woman Having Mustache Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Salon.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Every person has a different tolerance for pain, but it is generally not a painful procedure. Laser hair removal may feel something like a warm pinprick or a snapping by a rubber band. Patients also describe it as tingling, especially in sensitive regions such as the bikini line or armpit. However, laser hair removal can be considered less painful compared to some other hair removal treatments such as waxing.


You can see the results of laser hair removal very soon after a procedure, but they also differ from person to person.

About 20% to 30% of hair is destroyed during one laser hair removal treatment. Hair will fall out in the period from a few days to 2 weeks after the treatment.

You must repeat the treatments as your doctor advises if you want long-term results. After each session, the results get better, and with maintenance, you can achieve a long-lasting effect.

Laser removal is not permanent hair removal, but hair is reduced and less visible, and the effects can last for years.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

There are many benefits of laser hair removal, the most common being: 

  • The hair is reduced, lighter in color, and less visible
  • The skin is smooth and looks better
  • No more ingrown hairs
  • You can use a razor between two treatments (unlike waxing, where the hairs must grow enough to remove them)
  • The procedure is safe and tolerable 
  • Laser removal treatment does not take too much time, and you can return to your daily activities after
  • Long-lasting results.

Bottom Line

You want to solve the problem of unwanted hair, and you are tired of all the methods you’ve used so far. Also, if you have a problem with ingrown hairs or excessive hair growth, then laser hair removal is the right procedure for you.

Laser hair removal delays hair growth, but the procedure needs to be repeated several times to have a long-term effect. After six sessions, the hair will be thinner and lighter, helping boost your confidence.

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