Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) is still an option

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled “A Type of Childbirth Some Women Will Fight For” discusses the current situation with delivery by VBAC.  In some states around the country, women are literally fighting for the opportunity to attempt a VBAC.  Luckily here in South Florida, Baptist Hospital has the resources available to make this a safe option for our patients.

We see many women in our practice who had a cesarean section with their first baby and would like to attempt a vaginal birth with their next child.  Many of those women are told by other physicians that a VBAC is too dangerous and that a repeat cesarean section is a much easier and safer option.  Unfortunately, while a repeat cesarean section is definitely quicker and avoids some risks, other complications can arise such as placenta previa or accreta, which can lead to hemorrhage or the need for a hysterectomy.  Additionally, with each cesarean section, more scar tissue forms, which can increase the risk of injury to other organs such as the intestines or bladder.

The decision to pursue a VBAC is one that only the woman herself can make.  We are happy to support these women and give them that opportunity.  Please see our VBAC information page for more information.

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