Ana Bueno, RN

Ana Bueno, RN

Born in Cali, Colombia, I’ve navigated life’s journey with resilience and love. A devoted parent with one daughter and a cherished grandchild, family is the cornerstone of my existance. Growing up in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for diverse cultures.
My professional path led me to become a Registered Nurse (RN) at MDCC, and I am currently on the enriching journey of pursuing a Master’s degree in Advanced Registered Nurse Practicioner (ARNP) at Walden University. My passion lies in Women’s Health, where I aspire to make a meaningful impact. With a loving and close-knit family supporting me, each step forward is guided by the values of compassion and dedication.

For more information on Mona Lisa and Thermiva treatments, contact Ana Bueno.

Patient Feedback

Terra A.

My experience with Dr. Miller has always been positive & pleasant. She’s knowledgeable & extremely thorough in her practice. I’m always confident of her diagnoses. She’s also caring & has a gentle patient bedside manner. I highly recommend her…my favorite physician. 

Cecilia P.

Dr. Miller’s professionalism, skill and quality care gave me all the confidence and trust I need to be totally at ease during my in-office procedure. 


The most patient-centric visit I have ever had in my life. Karen takes the time to really understand you and what’s going on. She treats you like family. How often do you go to the doctors and feel “loved” and “cared for”? Thank you so much for improving my quality of life.