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Clinical trials help advance the development of new treatments for all types of diseases and disorders. They are vital in helping researchers and doctors find appropriate treatments for different groups of people.

Not only can joining a research study/clinical trial contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge, it also allows patients an opportunity to play an active role in their own healthcare, gain a greater understanding of their medical condition, and access to new treatments often not otherwise available outside of a clinical trial.

In addition to the medical treatment being studied, clinical trials often provide patients with physical examinations, lab tests, Pap smears, STI tests, ultrasounds, and mammograms at no cost.

Patients are also paid for their time and travel expenses while participating and can withdraw at any time. Study visits are performed on-site in our office. Some testing may be done at other local facilities.

The phone number for our research line is 305-596-9901.

To participate in a clinical trial, you must meet certain criteria, which will depend on the type of research being conducted. You will first be screened to see if you qualify. If you are eligible to participate in the clinical trial, our staff will inform you about all aspects of the study.

At New Age Medical Research, we focus on conditions that affect women of all ages, such as menstrual disorders, vaginal infections, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, menopause, sexual dysfunction, contraception, and more. While our focus has been on women’s health trials, we are now expanding into other specialties. We have completed over 80 major clinical trials and generated numerous publications under Dr. Gersten’s direction since our beginning in 2000.

Current and Upcoming Clinical Trials

We are currently enrolling and will be enrolling for the following clinical trials:

  1. Female sexual arousal disorder
  2. Recurrent yeast infections
  3. New Intrauterine Device (IUD)
  4. Patients with abnormal Pap smears
  5. New oral contraceptive pill
  6. Any patient who has completed the Gardasil 9 vaccine series
  7. Healthy, normal volunteers for one time blood draws and other targeted specimen collections (all ages)

If you are interested in participating in any of these studies, call New Age Medical Research today at 305.596.9901. Participants usually receive compensation for their time and travel.

The best way to stay informed about clinical trial opportunities at our office is by signing up to receive information about upcoming studies or let us know you want us to keep your name in our database for future trials. Please call us at 305.596.9901 and we will gladly assist you.

Clinical study participants often learn about these opportunities through friends or family members, so we encourage you to share this information with anyone who may be interested.

We also invite you to bookmark this page, share with friends and family members who may be interested, and check back often, as we will post new and upcoming studies on this page.

Patient Feedback


After 31 years of annual visits and the delivery of my daughters, I can say with all sincerity and honesty that Janet Gersten is an excellent doctor. She is knowledgeable, honest, reliable, caring and most importantly, she listens. Her staff is very good and the office is pleasant and clean. If you want a wonderful doctor, Janet Gersten will not let you down!.  


  I have been to many gynecologists over a number of years. It was such a welcome surprise to be met by an attentive and most professional physician and her staff. In an era where much of the doctor’s time has become occupied by a computer screen, I never once felt like I was in competition and vying for her attention. My complex gynecological issues were handled expeditiously and treated appropriately. Most importantly, Dr. Gersten took the time to answer my questions and discuss healthy options  

Jocelyne S.

  Doctors Joanna, Sarah and Victoria are just simply great and extremely knowledgeable! Throughout my pregnancy, they would keep all of my wishes and plans in mind and go the extra mile. The doctors and their staff show compassion, excitement and empathy if they see me concerned or when I ask questions. The clinic has the most professional staff I have encountered during any of my pregnancy check ups. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a OB-GYN. They will always hold a special place in my heart..  

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