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Deciding that you’re ready to have a baby is a major milestone. Becoming a parent will shift your life dramatically and you probably want to be as prepared as possible. To help, the obstetric experts at OB/GYN Associates of Miami offer preconception counseling. If you want support before you get pregnant to increase your likelihood of a healthy pregnancy, call the office in Miami, Florida, or make your appointment online today.

Preconception Counseling Q & A

What is preconception counseling?

The team at OB/GYN Associates of Miami offers preconception counseling because they know that having a baby is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. With preconception counseling, they help you prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy while alerting you to any potential complications.

At their office, they offer genetic counseling. With certain tests, you can find out if you or your partner are carriers of genes that would heighten your baby’s risk of conditions like cystic fibrosis. In other words, preconception counseling helps you get a clear picture of what to expect during pregnancy and parenthood.

Why is preconception counseling important?

Without preconception counseling, you could find out about pressing health concerns only after you get pregnant. Some preconception changes are most effective when undertaken well before pregnancy. For example, taking folic acid for at least three months before you get pregnant can reduce your baby’s risk of neural tube defects by as much as 70%.

Additionally, with genetic counseling, you can find out if there’s a possibility that your baby could have specific genetic defects. This way, you enter pregnancy knowing what to expect and can start to educate yourself and prepare now.

What should I expect from preconception counseling?

The team at OB/GYN Associates of Miami customizes your preconception counseling for you, your body, and your family planning goals. After the relevant screenings and conversations with your provider, you may get a green light to start trying to get pregnant right away.

But if there are changes you can make to improve your likelihood of a healthy pregnancy, your doctor works with you to make them.

Possible changes might include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Reaching a healthy body mass index (BMI)
  • Increasing your intake of folic acid
  • Addressing addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • Modifying your diet to ensure you’re getting sufficient amounts of key nutrients

Your provider at OB/GYN Associates of Miami partners with you to help you make any adjustments necessary to best prepare you for pregnancy.

If you want personalized support to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy, call OB/GYN Associates of Miami or make your appointment online today.