Dr. Toussaint, is a wonderful physician to work with, he has treated the nurses here at HRMC with respect. He is a true advocate for his patients. His compassion and integrity with the staff and patient raises the bar. He is a phenomenal physician and cares so much for his patients through their laborbirthing process. I have had the true pleasure of working alongside Dr. Toussaint. He will be greatly missed here.
Kristina Y. RN
Dr. Toussaint, is always calm and willing to help the nurses out when there is an emergency. He is patient with the patients and willing to let them be a part of the making decisions regarding their care. Dr. Toussaint will be missed here but I know he will be the best at his new adventure with his own practice.
Jennifer H. RN
Dr. Toussaint, is a sweet caring doctor who always show is patient’s compassion.
Teresa D. RN
Dr. Toussaint, taking a great care of his patients. He is very professional and intelligent he is attentive and always listens for patient concerns. He is compassionate and preservers on behalf of his patients for their best interest and worth. He is a wonderful surgeon and a good man. I have the highest recommendations for any new patient! You are in great hands!
Val P. RN
Dr. Toussaint, I have worked with him for over 5 years and he has been one of the sweetest person (Dr.) I have worked with. He always come out with a beautiful smile to say good morning. Dr. Toussaint has always been a very professional Dr. to all of his patients and co-workers. My heart breaks that is leaving us. I pray that one day our paths will cross again.
Billing Dept. at HRMC
Dr. Toussaint is a true professional. He is very kind and caring to our patients. Also, very respectful to all. IT has been an honor and privilege to work with him.
Nurse at HRMC
I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Toussaint for several years. As a nurse midwife, his a calm demeanor, extensive knowledge, and unbiased guidance has helped me tremendously in my practice. He always has the patient’s best interest and best practice guiding his decisions. I have learned a great deal from him and would highly recommend him as a provider.
Renee H. APRN
Dr. Toussaint, is a excellent physician to his patients and to all the staff he work with. Dr. Toussaint, has a calm disposition and takes time to list to his patients. Dr. Toussaint has a great bedside manner and makes all his patients feel cared for.
Dr. Toussaint, has been a pleasure to work with. He is always respectful to the patients as well as the staff. He will be missed.
It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Tousaint. He is a professional, caring, and respectful to both the patients and staff. His years of OB experience aided him in making confident decisions that were in the best interest of the patient and her baby. Dr. Toussaint will be greatly missed and I wish him all the best in the future.
Regina G. RN
Dr. Toussaint, was a pleasure to work with. He was one of the first doctors to welcome me as a new labor/delivery nurse. Always willing to teach me new things regarding patient care. He cares about his patients and is an awesome OB.
Capri RN
Dr. Toussaint is a wonderful person. He is calm & controlled in every situation. Dr. Toussaint truly cares about his patients & staff. He is a n ideal person to have in your corner during an emergency. We will miss him at HRMC!
Whitney RN
Dr. Toussaint, is a great guy and physician. He remains calm and competent in every situation. He’s kind and compassionate with his patients and always respectful. He also teats the nurses and staff with respect and trust. He cares about people and I think that’s one of the best qualities for a physician to have.
Katie RN
Excellent physician. Skilled hands and a caring personality
Dr. Toba

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