What services does your child’s doctor offer?
Do not think you are being over-protective when you are searching for a children’s doctor in Coral Springs and the surrounding area. Every parent wants to know that their kids are receiving the best possible treatment whether it is for a well-baby exam or when a child is sick.

A good children’s doctor will keep a child on track to become a healthy adult. Parents will receive advice and education on how to keep their children from becoming obese and from contracting Type 2 diabetes. The office will inform parents about all the newest immunizations that will build the child’s immune system. Several of the current up-to-date immunizations include the new pneumonia vaccine. The older versions only protected a child against seven strains whereas the new one protects against 13 strains of the pneumonia bacteria.

There also seems to be an outbreak of measles of late. Most adults thought this was totally eradicated. It was because most adults have been vaccinated, but many children have not. Measles can cause a variety of problems in adulthood even though they strike at a younger age. And the childhood disease is so very contagious. Our doctors in our Coral Springs office will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the vaccine.

A children’s doctor also needs to be about as available as an obstetrician. You never know exactly when a baby will decide to be born, and you never know when your child will become sick or get a very high fever. Our children’s doctors in Coral Springs have regular office hours and can also be reached anytime there is an emergency. You may even need a special Saturday appointment.

One of the greatest advantages of a children’s doctor is the ‘bedside manner.’ Children need to really like the doctor and the office staff so they do not grow up to be afraid of physicians in general.


Our team is proud of the wonderful relationships we have with our patients. Hear some of what they have to share!

“Amazing first experience. They did what they had to do. Dr. Waters was great!”

Verified Patient

“Wonderful doctor with great bedside manner. Has been my kids doctor for 10 years.”

Verified Patient

“Extremely personable. Had a great visit!!!”

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“Excellent service and always great with my family.”

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