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As recommended by the Center for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics as well as numerous other entities, in light of the risk of transmission of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), Sawgrass Pediatrics will be transitioning to a telemedicine approach to patient care. Of course, there will be appointments that necessitate office visits, such as those that include immunizations and follow-up of critical laboratory work. Extreme care will be taken to keep those appointments isolated from other appointments. Every call will be screened and the appropriate type of visit will be scheduled.

A telemedicine visit is very much like an old-fashioned doctor house call. Your child’s doctor will have your child’s medical history on hand, obtain a history of the current symptoms, and examine your child virtually in the comfort of her/his own home. There is no waiting in a waiting room or exam room. With the combined years of experience in our practice (about 150 years), we will be able to tell if an appointment in the office is necessary or not. For an experienced doctor, the history provided by the patient (or parent) indicates the diagnosis almost all of the time!

That said, there are some items that will enhance the telemedicine visit. These items are by no means necessary to a telemedicine appointment, but especially if you have small children, they may provide an added layer of reassurance to the caregiver.

  1. Thermometer– preferably a digital thermometer ($5-$17)
  2. Scale to measure body weight– preferably digital ($15-$25)
  3. Blood pressure monitor cuff– preferably an easy to use automated monitor
    that can be placed on the wrist ($15-$35)
  4. Fingertip pulse oximeter– especially if you have an asthmatic child ($15-$35)
  5. Tape measure– to measure your child’s height if necessary ($3-$5)
  6. Otoscope camera attachment for cell phone– if child is prone to ear infections,
    available for android and iPhone ($35 to $200)

As stated, these items are NOT necessary for a telemedicine appointment, but they may enhance the visit.

Sawgrass Pediatrics is here to see our community of families through this difficult and unprecedented time. Our transition to telemedicine is in keeping with the
long-standing medical principal of “first, do no harm”


Our team is proud of the wonderful relationships we have with our patients. Hear some of what they have to share!

“Amazing first experience. They did what they had to do. Dr. Waters was great!”

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“Wonderful doctor with great bedside manner. Has been my kids doctor for 10 years.”

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“Extremely personable. Had a great visit!!!”

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“Excellent service and always great with my family.”

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