Your child’s doctor should speak their language
Many people have compared pediatricians and veterinarians because both of these doctors’ patients cannot fully tell them where it hurts or what is bothering them. In the case of the child’s doctor, the physician must be able to communicate with the child in the language spoken at home. The doctor must also develop the ability to sense what the child is trying to communicate through the child’s body language and understanding the unwritten language of an infant.

But is doesn’t begin and end there. Our entire staff in our Coral Springs office has to be well versed in these subtle signs as well. Parents want the best care for their children, whether they are newborns or about-to-be-adults at the old age of 17. Each age group needs to be addressed in a manner which respects their particular generation. Telling a five year old about the benefits of an immunization takes a different mind-set than speaking with a 12 year old.

When searching for a pediatrician in Coral Springs and the surrounding area, parents want to ensure that the office can be called and a doctor contacted in case of an emergency. Anyone who has raised a child knows that they have a knack for getting sick or hurt at the most inopportune times of the day and night. If a child wakes up with a high fever on a Saturday morning, the parents know they can call the regular pediatrician without having to run up bills by taking the child to an emergency room for an initial analysis.

It is also a great comfort to know that a pediatrician can watch a child grow from infancy to the early teens. This doctor can keep an eye out for health issues affecting today’s youth like juvenile diabetes and obesity, attention deficit and even eye problems. A pediatrician can almost become a second godmother or godfather. They are always on watch.

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“Amazing first experience. They did what they had to do. Dr. Waters was great!”

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“Excellent service and always great with my family.”

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