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Bone Density Scans

Volusia/OBGYN is dedicated to early diagnosis and treatment to all women’s health care issues. Bone Density screenings are fast and painless. The procedure is done in a quiet relaxing room and takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Osteoporosis is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the United States. The lifetime risk of hip fracture in women is greater than the incidence of stroke, breast cancer and diabetes. One in every two women over the age of 50 will have an osteoporotic fracture. Studies estimate up to 20 percent of women with an osteoporotic fracture will die within 1 year from related disability. This information makes clear the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of bone loss in an effort to prevent osteoporosis. We provide both peripheral heel bone density screening as well as central bone density. Bond density testing is appropriate for women with risk factors such as family history, eating disorders, thyroid disease, long intervals of absent menses, and use of medications that adversely affect bones such as Depo-Provera and steroids. Women who are peri-menopausal should also consider bone density testing as bone loss usually increases after menses cease.

To schedule your bone density screening, call (386) 252-5858. Our technician Lisa, is certified by the State of Florida to perform Bone Density Scans. your test results are then read by the physician and copies of the results are mailed to you.

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I was very pleased with the service from this practice. The women at the front desk was very nice to me and treated me great! The medical assistant greeted me and politely walked me to my waiting room. The nurse practioner made sure that I was informed about the visit and she suggested a lot of things to me that I actually look back on today. I would really recommend this practice because the individuals working there know exactly what they are doing and ways to make sure you are pleased with your visit.

Raenell D

DR Desai is amazing! So glad he has been my OB/GYN for over 15 years! I love the staff! Would highly recommend! ❤

Kelly M

Caring doctors who are attentive to detail and supportive of your personal beliefs and wishes. Loved having them deliver my last two babies and I recommend them to everyone! ♥️

Abra R