Surgical Services in Volusia County

Endometrial Ablation – Novasure

NovaSure® is an in-office procedure that usually takes less than 5 minutes. The purpose of NovaSure® is to lighten or stop your period completely without hormones and without the risks of a hysterectomy. The procedure can be done right here in our Daytona Beach office. The pictures and videos on this page show how simple this procedure is. If you experience heavy menstrual periods, call us today to find out how NovaSure® can help you.

The LASH procedure

The LASH procedure uses a thin, lighted telescope-like instrument called a laparoscope, which acts like a video camera, along with small surgical instruments that are all inserted through three to four tiny incisions in the navel and abdomen. Using the instruments, the surgeon carefully separates the uterus from the cervix and removes it through one of the openings. The cervix, the bottom part of the uterus is left in tact. Because this type of surgery does not require the surgeon to make a large abdominal incision, you will not have the same kinds of visible scar typical with most traditional, “open” surgeries.

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Patient Feedback

I was very pleased with the service from this practice. The women at the front desk was very nice to me and treated me great! The medical assistant greeted me and politely walked me to my waiting room. The nurse practioner made sure that I was informed about the visit and she suggested a lot of things to me that I actually look back on today. I would really recommend this practice because the individuals working there know exactly what they are doing and ways to make sure you are pleased with your visit.

Raenell D

DR Desai is amazing! So glad he has been my OB/GYN for over 15 years! I love the staff! Would highly recommend! ❤

Kelly M

Caring doctors who are attentive to detail and supportive of your personal beliefs and wishes. Loved having them deliver my last two babies and I recommend them to everyone! ♥️

Abra R