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Debunking The Widespread Women’s Health Myths

Sometimes, being female can come with its own collection of pros and cons depending on how you look at the situation. Often, women carry the primary responsibility of contraception and the final say in reproduction. However, for women in the United States and elsewhere, these responsibilities are freedoms. Access to women’s health care has finally

Contoura Body Sculpting – Why It Outperforms The Competition

Have you ever felt frustrated that you can’t seem to shed the extra pounds? You committed to a whole foods diet and maybe even took up an exercise routine. It feels like you’re doing just about everything right, and yet still, you can’t seem to get rid of stubborn body fat. What is Stubborn Body

Sleepless In Menopause – 4 To Improve Your Sleep After Menopause

Imagine trying to fall asleep while having a hot flash. Many women face sleep problems during menopause, and menopause fatigue itself triggers other symptoms. Maybe you are the type who falls asleep just fine but wakes up at 4 AM and can’t fall back asleep, even though you know you’ll be exhausted later. Or perhaps,

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