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When Is the Right Time to Schedule Your First Gynecologist Visit

Visiting the gynecologist regularly is essential for a woman's reproductive health. Besides proper sexual health, seeing the gynecologist can address any concerns a woman may have about menstruation, vaginal pain, abnormal bleeding, and more.  Professionals recommend that women have their first time gynecologist visit around the beginning signs of puberty. Typically women around the ages

Everything You Need to Know About Services We Offer in Bradenton, Florida

At Women's Care of Bradenton, we offer services in Gynecology and Obstetrics. We also provide services through our MedSpa. In addition, we provide the typical medical procedures and surgeries of an ob/gyn services facility.  An outstanding obstetrician-gynecologist in Bradenton, Florida, oversees and completes our services.  Gynecologist Services  Well-Woman Exams Even if you are healthy and

Importance of Prenatal Care For Mother & Baby

What Is Prenatal Care? Prenatal care is medical care during pregnancy. Visiting a prenatal care clinic or your doctor will put pregnancy on the right path. Prenatal care consists of screening and regular doctor visits to determine appropriate care tailored to your needs.  A healthy pregnancy can translate into a healthy birth. The best way

Ovulatory Syndrome: Causes and Treatment

The ovulatory menstrual cycle is something that most women experience regularly. It generally happens every 26-32 days. Commonly, physical discomfort in the middle of this cycle, and cramping tend to accompany this natural process. However, some women suffer from the so-called ovulatory syndrome. This means that their menstrual cycle tends to be rather irregular, ranging

Minimally Invasive Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

As the name suggests, minimally invasive surgery is one that patients can undergo minimal invasions on their body. Essentially, the surgeon will make just a few tiny cuts and utilize other tools, robotic tech, and cameras to perform the surgery without much more cutting and tearing of the skin and muscle associated with the invasive

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