Well-Woman Exams in Bradenton, Florida

A well-woman exam is an annual preventive gynecological exam. The well-woman exam is a significant part of early detection and preventive care of some diseases.

Our OBGYN specialists are highly skilled in detecting, diagnosing, and treating all obstetric and gynecological conditions.

At or about the age of 18, or within several years of starting sexual activity, you should have regular gynecological exams every year. This group of exams and screens is known as a well-woman appointment.

Your well-woman care includes:

  • Examinations and screening tests
  • Health topics discussion based on your risk factors and age
  • Immunizations as needed

Our highly trained OBGYN doctors are dedicated to providing you with the best quality gynecological care possible. If you have health concerns or questions about your health and wellness, we will take the time to discuss these with you.

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Why Well-Woman Exams Are So Important

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Women have an extraordinary array of responsibilities in their daily lives. With so many items on the to-do list, your visit to a well-woman clinic may get pushed aside. Unfortunately, delaying an annual well-woman exam can have a negative impact on your health and vitality.

Your regular well-woman visit is an investment in your gynecological and overall health. Testing helps you:

  • Prevent diseases, e.g., cervical cancer, while protecting your fertility
  • Protect you from breast diseases
  • Plan for pregnancy with pre-conception counseling
  • Safeguard you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Avoid an unwanted pregnancy

We can help you before you’re pregnant if you’re planning a pregnancy. Some conditions, e.g., gestational diabetes, may be avoided during pregnancy if your risk for them is identified today.

Well-woman care is your health priority. But let’s discuss what happens during your well-woman exam in Bradenton and how it helps.

Physical Exam at Your Well-Woman Visit

In addition to taking your blood pressure and measuring your height and weight, your doctor asks about your menstrual period, general health, family history, birth control methods, and sexual activity.

During the exam, your doctor performs tests and exams. If your doctor is male, a female nurse stays in the exam room with you.

During your physical, the doctor will perform a breast exam. During a breast exam, your doctor checks your breasts to determine any possible problems, e.g., a lump. They will palpate (gently press) each breast and show you how to perform a monthly self-exam at home.

The doctor will perform an external genital exam. While a sheet covers you, the doctor or assistant will ask you to recline and place your feet in the exam table’s stirrups. At that time, your doctor will check the appearance of your genitals for discharge, sores, lesions, or unusual color. Ask the doctor if you have any concerns.

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woman at gynecologists office

Your doctor examines the vagina, reproductive organs, and cervix during the pelvic exam. You place your feet in footrests (stirrups) at the base of the exam table. When directed, you slide forward. The doctor inserts a speculum instrument to examine your vaginal area. Your doctor uses lubricated gloves and fingers for the exam. They place one or two covered fingers into the vagina. Using the other hand, the doctor presses the abdomen to determine the inner pelvic organs’ shape, size, and position. You may feel a little discomfort, but the exam shouldn’t hurt.

A Pap test is used to check for abnormal cervical cells that might lead to cancer. The gynecologist inserts a cotton-tipped swab into the vagina to the cervix. You may feel slight pressure but shouldn’t feel pain. The doctor collects cells from the cervix. The sample is sent to a laboratory for evaluation.

Your well-woman visit also includes discussing your birth control options with the doctor. Our practice offers oral contraception, etonogestrel implants, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and surgical options as needed.

Take Charge of Your Well-Woman Care

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Well care is one of the best gifts to give yourself each year. For the best you, you should stay involved with your health care, ask questions, speak openly with your doctor, discuss any symptoms you may have, and see your doctor at least once each year or if you have a problem.

Request an annual well-woman exam in Bradenton, Florida, with Women’s Care of Bradenton.

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