Gynecology Specialist in Bradenton, Florida

Women’s Care of Bradenton is in the business of providing the finest OBGYN medical care in everything from issues related to menstrual cycles to postnatal care. This is an extremely important relationship. An OBGYN’s job is to ensure you live happier, healthier, and longer.

What to Expect From Your Gynecologist Appointment

Visiting our gynecology clinic in Bradenton, Florida is going to be a personalized experience. To make sure you get the customized care you need, we talk about:

  • Current health
  • Family history
  • Medical past
  • Sexual activity and partners

There will also be inquiries about:

  • Menstrual cycles
  • STD prevention
  • Contraception
  • Illnesses
  • Pregnancies

Modesty is risky when it comes to protecting your health and well-being. If you’re looking to create a relaxing partnership you want with an OBGYN, it’s essential you share personal information with the clinician. You can also rest assured that what you share is confidential.

a woman experiencing cramps

You, of course, can ask any questions. Your health has to take precedence, and the more knowledge you share, the more confident your OBGYN can be when they develop treatment.

Our Approach To Gynecologic Care

A gynecologist examining a patient

Bradenton gynecology is a service that shouldn’t be used as a substitute for an annual exam with your primary physician. Women should also get a physical from their primary who helps maintain preventative care.

For instance, a Bradenton gynecology exam may include a urine test. That test may uncover diabetes. The gynecologist will not treat you for this disease. We would refer you to your primary physician for treatment.

The reverse is also the rule. If they find issues with your cervix, for example, your primary caregiver will recommend using modern gynecology to investigate.

You see, primary providers treat general matters that a gynecology exam may not. Primary care providers track specific vitals, keep you on point with vaccinations, and offer preventative care for overall health.

As stated, the function of the gynecology specialist is to keep you safe when it comes to your reproductive organs and unique situations like cancer threats. The gynecology specialist offers unique services. Here are common components of procedures you can expect at your gynecology clinic.

Women’s Care of Bradenton is ready to consult with you about any concerns you have with a gynecology exam. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an OBGYN.

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“I felt that it is a very comfortable place and feel that questions were answered and that everyone was very professional. Did not see DR JOTHI this visit but felt that I was well taken care of.”

Jody H.

“I felt the ob/gyn staff really took the time to listen to my concerns and develop a plan. Great first experience.”

Patricia D.

“She was sweet and took her time discussing treatment ideas”

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“Didn’t have a long wait,saw the PA and she was great…new patient I was although I have known Dr.for a few years.Lovely office and great visit.”

Kathleen C.