Obstetric Care in Bradenton, Florida

An obstetrician doctor (OB) provides surgical care and services for women during pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, the OB provides prenatal and postnatal care for mothers and babies. The obstetrics specialist focuses on maternal-fetal medicine (MFM).

The obstetrician performs surgeries and procedures that often differ from those performed by gynecologists (GYN). In addition to prenatal care appointments and attending labor and deliveries of our patients, the obstetrician doctor performs dilation and curettage (D&C), cesarean deliveries (C-sections), cervical cerclage, vaginal deliveries, episiotomy (i.e., aiding patients in vaginal delivery), and circumcision.

Obstetric Care for High Risk Pregnancy

The obstetrician also focuses on prospective mothers with chronic health issues or abnormal problems that develop in pregnancy. These doctors are considered experts in high risk obstetrics.

Women with chronic health conditions may select an MFM specialist when it may affect their pregnancy. Often, women want to meet with the specialist before conceiving a child. This decision helps them to plan for a healthy pregnancy.

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High Risk Obstetrics Services

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Some patients see their obstetrician in early pregnancy for prenatal care. Typically, the first appointment happens about eight weeks after the last menstrual period. Routine prenatal care appointments occur every month of the pregnancy. Our doctors are there for you and your family every step of the way.

Obstetric care treats women with high risk pregnancies from pre-conception, pregnancy, delivery, and post-natal care. Both mother and baby are at higher risk of problems or complications in high-risk pregnancies. Pregnancy can be considered a higher than average risk condition for many reasons. A high-risk pregnancy requires special monitoring and attention to protect the mother and baby. In some instances, you may also need medical intervention before birth.

High Risk Obstetrics: Testing, Monitoring, and Evaluation Services

Our practice provides obstetrics specialist care for mothers and infants. If you’re pregnant, the following factors and conditions point to a high-risk pregnancy:

  • You have a chronic condition, e.g., diabetes, anemia, underlying mental health issues, hypertension, infection, or epilepsy.
  • You’re younger than 17, or you’re older than 35.
  • You’re having multiple births, e.g., twins, triplets, etc.
  • You experience pregnancy complications, e.g., severe morning sickness, Rh sensitization, uterus-cervix-placenta problems; amniotic fluid (too little or too much); or slow fetal growth.
  • Your medical history includes miscarriage, fetal genetic condition, C-section, or preterm
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High Risk Pregnancy Testing and Evaluation

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Your obstetrician will schedule tests and evaluations in high-risk pregnancy, including ultrasound, amniocentesis to identify genetic abnormalities in the fetus, lab tests for health conditions or measurement of fibronectin to evaluate preterm labor risks, cordocentesis (tests blood from the umbilical cord) to identify blood disorders, congenital conditions, or infections, cervical measurement to evaluate preterm labor risks, and biophysical profile to assess the baby’s heart rate.

Our Bradenton obstetrics offer vaginal and C-section deliveries. If you require a cesarean delivery or an induction, your obstetrician oversees these procedures. They will also provide any related surgical services, including a post-natal circumcision of your male baby if you request it.

Complete Obstetric Care and Services in Bradenton, FL

Our team offers a complete range of obstetrics care, including ectopic pregnancy, preeclampsia (i.e., high blood pressure in pregnancy), fetal distress, uterine rupture, placental abruption (i.e., placental detachment), fetal cord prolapse (i.e., the baby’s umbilical cord is trapped in delivery), sepsis (a life-threatening condition), obstetrical hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia (i.e., the baby’s shoulders are too wide for the birth canal), and more.

We care for pregnant women and their babies, providing compassionate expert care. Our specialists offer multidisciplinary care for women whose pregnancies are considered as high risk, including:

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In addition to routine and high-risk pregnancy care, we offer a wide range of treatment options to benefit our patient’s total well-being. Contact Women’s Care of Bradenton to schedule an appointment with our team.

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