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Taking care of yourself during and after your pregnancy is just as important as taking care of yourself before pregnancy. If you live near Bradenton, Florida, and are struggling to find a qualified ob-gyn who is going to oversee your pregnancy and deliver your baby – call us and schedule a consultation.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It’s time to find an obstetrician who cares about your well-being as well as the health of your baby, and who will work with you and respect your wishes throughout your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. 

Board-certified OB/GYN Arunachalam Jothivijayarani, MD, and her team at Women’s Care of Bradenton, serving Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida, collaborate with their patients and support your wishes for a natural, non-medicated pregnancy and delivery. 

The importance of prenatal and pregnancy care

Proper prenatal and pregnancy care is of utmost importance for the health of your child. Many women who want to go through natural delivery tend to stumble upon serious issues if they are going through the process alone. If mothers didn’t go through appropriate prenatal care, then their babies are three times more likely to be born with low weight.

We will help you overcome the common hurdles by being by your side throughout your pregnancy. Don’t jeopardize your health and wellbeing of your baby by going through pregnancy alone, call us and schedule a consultation. 

Q: How can I have a natural pregnancy?

A: The key to a natural pregnancy is to stay fit and healthy. Your body is designed to carry and deliver babies and has the strength and stamina to grow a new life. When you discover that you’re pregnant, taking care of your health and well-being creates a safe and supportive environment for your baby to develop.

Dr. Jothi and her team provide lifestyle advice to help you maintain your wellness throughout your pregnancy. For example, you should review and adjust your diet to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Your diet should consist of whole, natural foods, including plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and dairy products. While you may have some cravings, you only need around 300-400 extra calories a day.

It’s also important to stay active throughout your pregnancy, but make sure to talk to Dr. Jothi about adjusting your exercises to accommodate your changing body. At the very least, you should take a walk every day. It boosts your circulation and getting outside during the day is great for your mood and helps your body produce vitamin D.

Q: How often should I have prenatal appointments?

A: Even if you’re planning on natural pregnancy and birth, you should still have regular prenatal appointments so Dr. Jothi can monitor your health and the health and development of your baby. You’ll have an appointment once a month for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, then every two weeks between weeks 28-36. For the final weeks of your pregnancy, you have weekly appointments.

Q: How can I tell when it’s time for my baby to be born?

A: In the final weeks of your pregnancy, you may develop irregularly timed false labor pains known as Braxton Hicks contractions. When your true labor begins, you’ll have contractions that develop a rhythm and become closer together.

Other signs of labor include pain and cramping in your lower back, a thick, slightly bloody vaginal discharge caused by your mucus plug loosening, and nausea and diarrhea. Your water breaking, which is when your amniotic sac bursts, is another sign that your labor is progressing.

When your contractions are four or five minutes apart, you should call Dr. Jothi and head to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for your delivery.

Q: What should I expect during a natural delivery?

A: Throughout your pregnancy, Dr. Jothi provides advice on what to expect during your delivery and provides resources and guidance to help you prepare. She works with you to develop a birth plan to help you feel comfortable and in control during your labor and delivery. You can learn different breathing exercises, meditation techniques, and other tools to manage discomfort.  

If you’re looking for an obstetrician who will help you have a natural pregnancy and delivery, call or schedule an appointment with Dr. Jothi at Women’s Care of Bradenton today.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy, don’t panic. Although the term is scary-sounding, high-risk pregnancies are usually safe and healthy: you just need closer monitoring. 

At Women’s Care of Bradenton, serving Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida, board-certified OB/GYN Arunachalam Jothivijayarani, MD, and her team of women’s health care experts provide attentive and effective high-risk prenatal care and delivery services. 

Every high-risk pregnancy is concerning; it doesn’t matter if it’s your third or first time. Apart from genetic risks, high-risk pregnancy can also occur due to pre-existing medical conditions. The most important thing about high-risk pregnancies is to have an experienced and qualified professional by your side all along the way. 

Another thing you should remember is that high-risk pregnancy prenatal care is different in comparison to regular pregnancy care as appointments are much more frequent, and your condition will be monitored much more closely.  

Call the practice or make an appointment online today to learn how Dr. Jothi and her team can help you through your pregnancy and delivery.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is when your health or the health of your baby is at risk of complications. While it sounds scary, in most cases and with appropriate prenatal care, high-risk pregnancies are perfectly safe and healthy.

Some common causes of high-risk pregnancy include:

  • Mother aged 35 or older
  • Overweight or obese mother
  • Existing health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Multiple babies, such as twins

While lifestyle choices like smoking, drug use, and overeating can contribute to a high-risk pregnancy, in many cases, the complications are completely out of your control. The best thing you can do is work with an experienced and compassionate obstetrician and family practitioner like Dr. Jothi who knows how to help you and your baby stay healthy.

Q: How is prenatal care different during a high-risk pregnancy?

A: The most obvious difference is that you have more frequent prenatal appointments and may need additional testing throughout your pregnancy. However, since every pregnancy is different, Dr. Jothi provides customized advice and treatments to meet your needs and the needs of your baby.

Q: Does having a high-risk pregnancy affect my birth plan?

A: It’s possible that a high-risk pregnancy can lead to a challenging labor and delivery, in which case Dr. Jothi may advise against trying for a home birth. However, Dr. Jothi works with you to create a birth plan that you feel comfortable with. You may need to compromise on some details, but she does her best to respect your wishes.

You should also be prepared for issues like early delivery or the potential for cesarean delivery. Rest assured that Dr. Jothi has extensive training and experience in high-risk deliveries, so if your labor results in the need for a C-section, you and your baby are in expert hands.

Q: How can I reduce my risk of complications in a high-risk pregnancy?

A: The best thing you can do is follow Dr. Jothi’s instructions for a healthy pregnancy. Attend all your prenatal appointments and have the necessary tests as these appointments provide Dr. Jothi with information to help you carry and deliver your baby safely. If the testing reveals a chance of your baby having a disability, then you can learn about any additional care or support you’ll need to prepare for motherhood.

Treatments provide Dr. Jothi with information to help you carry and deliver your baby safely. If the testing reveals a chance of your baby having a disability, then you can learn about any additional care or support you’ll need to prepare for motherhood. 

Dr. Jothi and her team at Women’s Care of Bradenton have many years of experience in helping women through high-risk pregnancies. Call the practice or schedule an appointment online today for expert obstetrics and prenatal care.

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant without success for six months to a year, you should talk to board-certified OB/GYN Arunachalam Jothivijayarani, MD, about your fertility. 

At Women’s Care of Bradenton, serving Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida, Dr. Jothi and her team provide fertility evaluations and treatments to help you conceive. Don’t continue to struggle alone: call or make an appointment online today to talk to Dr. Jothi about your fertility concerns.

What is infertility?

Infertility is one of the biggest fears of future parents. It’s a condition many women struggle to cope with, especially from a psychological standpoint. The biggest issue with infertility is that it can be caused by a myriad of different health issues, including hormonal disorders, physical anomalies in the uterus, and blocked fallopian tubes. 

Infertility is when you’re not able to become pregnant or if you can get pregnant, but miscarry or have a stillbirth. Approximately 15% of couples struggle to conceive naturally. Infertility affects both women and men, so if you and your partner are struggling to conceive, you should both get tested for fertility issues. 

Once Dr. Jothi diagnoses the cause of your infertility, she provides treatments to help you conceive. In fact, 85-90% of infertility cases are treated with conventional medicine.

We can help you by stimulating your ovulation, carefully monitoring your hormonal levels, or in cases when your partner’s semen can’t reach your eggs – with IUI methods. The sooner you start treating your infertility, the sooner you’ll conceive.

Q: When should I talk to a doctor about infertility?

A: If you’re under the age of 35, you should talk to Dr. Jothi about your fertility concerns after you’ve been trying to conceive for a year without success. If you’re 35 or older, you should make a fertility consultation appointment after six months of trying.

Q: What causes infertility?

A: An enormous range of health conditions and issues can disrupt your fertility. Dr. Jothi provides full fertility evaluations to identify and diagnose the condition causing your inability to conceive. In most cases, infertility in women is caused by disruption to ovulation, which is often due to a hormonal disorder like polycystic ovarian syndrome. Other common causes of infertility in women include:

  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Physical abnormalities in the uterus
  • Uterine fibroids

Remember that men can also have fertility problems. For men, fertility issues are due to the quantity or quality of their sperm.

Q: How is infertility treated?

A: At Women’s Care of Bradenton, Dr. Jothi provides customized treatments to address your specific condition and needs. She offers a variety of medications and procedures to help you conceive. For example, if your infertility is due to irregular ovulation, she can manage your ovulation with a prescription to stimulate the production and release of viable eggs.

Alternatively, if you’re struggling to get pregnant because your partner’s sperm isn’t reaching your eggs, Dr. Jothi offers intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures.

During IUI, you take medication to stimulate ovulation, and Dr. Jothi carefully monitors your hormone levels to identify your most fertile day during your cycle. Then, she takes a sample of your partner’s (or a donor’s) semen and injects it directly into your uterus to increase the chances of fertilization.

If you’ve been unsuccessfully trying for a baby, call Dr. Jothi at Women’s Care of Bradenton or schedule a consultation online for compassionate, expert fertility assessment and treatment.

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