Da Vinci Robotic Surgery in Miramar, Florida


There are various conditions affecting the female reproductive system that can be treated either medically or surgically. When surgery does become indicated, a minimally invasive approach is favored when possible. Some conditions that may require surgical management are:

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Abnormal Bleeding
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Severe Pelvic Pain
  • Cancer

Robotic-assisted surgery with the daVinci Surgical System allows surgeons to perform complex minimally invasive surgical procedures with precision and accuracy. The system is an advanced robotic platform designed to expand the surgeon’s capabilities and offer an option to open surgery. Minimally invasive surgery with da Vinci is widely used in urology and gynecology procedures.

Types of Surgery

Over the last few decades the most common approach was for surgeons to make large incisions in the muscle and skin. This allowed doctors the ability to visibly see into the area of concern and perform the required procedures.

This was commonly referred to as open surgery or laparotomy.

Open surgery is still performed today but a widely popular method used for gynecologic procedures is done by employing minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic-assisted surgery. At Womens Health of South Broward, we use the highly successful da Vinci® robot technology.

Both types of this minimally invasive procedure necessitate making one of a few small incisions so that the surgeon can insert a camera for viewing and the proper surgical equipment. When laparoscopic surgery is performed the doctor utilizes long handled tools to for the surgery all while viewing super magnified imagery from the laparoscope on a video screen.

What is endometriosis?

Endometrial tissue consists of glands, blood cells, and connective tissue. It normally grows in the uterus, to prepare the lining of the womb for ovulation.

Endometriosis is when cells from the lining of the uterus grow and implant outside of the uterus. This can occur in many different locations, but most commonly is found near the fallopian tubes, ovaries, or in the pelvis.

What is a da Vinci Robot system?


The da Vinci Robot equipment is comprised of 3 main tools.


The driving forces behind the da Vinci Robot is the surgeon console and where the surgeon operates from during any gynecological procedure. The surgeon has a close up 3D view of your anatomy and controls all of the instruments from the surgeon console. The surgical instruments are wristed and move exactly like a human hand but with much more range of motion.


On the patients side it is the patient-side cart that is positioned closely to the gynecological patient on the operating table. This is where the surgical instruments that are used during the surgery move in real-time in response to your doctors hand movements from the surgeon console.


The vision cart sounds exactly like what it is and makes communicating between all of the components of the da Vinci Robot system possible. The vision cart utilizes the latest 3D HD viewing systems.


Keep in mind that is is extremely important to remember that only you and your doctor can determine whether surgery with da Vinci is suitable for your situation. You should always inquire with your surgeon about their skill level, experience, training and typical patient outcomes when using the da Vinci Robot system.

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