Childbirth Educational Programs

Our experienced childbirth educator’s goal is to not only give you information, but to help you discover and cultivate internal resources already within you that will help you meet the challenges birth and parenthood can bring. No matter what type of birth you’re planning – or if you don’t have a plan yet – our classes are a time for you to ask questions, explore your feelings around birth and parenting, and prepare to meet your little one.

We encourage partners to participate in childbirth classes whenever possible so both of you have a chance to practice together, ask questions, and take another step with one another on the way to meeting your little one.

Childbirth Education Classes in Miami, FL

Call (305) 270-7999, to speak to our class registrar. You may leave a message and your call will be returned.

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We recommend that you register as early as possible during your pregnancy and to further enhance the birth and parenting experience, the father or support partner is encouraged to attend all classes.


1st Monday of every month at 10:00am

Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

1 session | 2 hours


Congratulations!! This childbirth education class focuses on physiologic childbirth, both in and out of the hospital. The series includes information on the anatomy & physiology of birth as well as nutrition and exercise to ease common pregnancy related ailments and prepare for birth. Also included are sections on labor support, the role of the birth partner, and medical intervention should medical pain or labor management be necessary. We will also explore the social-emotional aspect of pregnancy, birth, and becoming a new parent — with a special focus on informed decision making, increasing self-efficacy, reconnecting with intuition and improving communication skills.

Date(s) vary depending on the month

Breastfeeding Guide and Newborn Care

1 session | 2 hours


Join us for this helpful class where you and your partner will discover the benefits of breastfeeding, information that will create a strong foundation for your breastfeeding success. Learn some tips and tricks for positioning and establishing a good latch, how to tell if your baby is eating well, and get information about returning to work, pumping essentials and much more.

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2st Monday of every month at 10:00am

Childbirth Preparation Series
Stages of Labor – (24 wks +)

2 sessions | 2 hours each


Coping with labor. This session is especially useful for partners and support people. The most important way to approach the birth of your baby is with confidence and relaxation. This series discusses coping with labor, comfort measures, encouragement, centering yourself, massage, water therapy, birth ball and breathing and all birthing options. All you need to prepare for the birth of your baby in a safe and relaxed environment.

Labor Positions and Exercises. This session will go over signs of labor and the benefits of different labor positions. Exercises using birth balls and other accessories is very useful during active labor and we encourage you to be an active participant in the birth process. Using movement and gravity during labor can shorten and ease labor by giving your baby lots of opportunities to move into the best position for birth. You may bring your own birth ball and yoga mat to this class – demonstrations will be made. Partners and/or support people are invited to attend.

Date(s) vary upon patient request

Prenatal Fitness Program
Health Coach

45 mins group session


Healthy Mommies, Healthy Babies!! Improves heart health, mental boost, increase energy, confidence, get more restful sleep, limit the risk of gestational diabetes, help you achieve your labor goals, keeps baby’s weight in-check which makes a healthier baby, increases your comfort level.

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Patient Feedback

"No me cansaré de decirles gracias a las Dra Delgado por su gran labor y corazón, por tener una excelente Nurse Practitioner como Lauren y una espectacular midwife como Mary. Soy afortunada de tener esta práctica en mi vida, no hay duda que desde el primer día me han atendido con mucha cordialidad y un servicio al 100%. Su equipo es el reflejo de estas gran mujeres que día tras día lo dan todo por nosotras que somos sus pacientes! Nuevamente G R A C I A S ️ no solo se ganaron mi respeto y admiración como paciente, sino mi corazón con todo lo que han hecho por mi durante estos 4 años. Mil bendiciones."

Juli M.

"I had the most incredible experience at Women’s Healthcare of Kendall. Dr. Suzette Delgado delivered my second child and it was a completely different experience than the first. She was with me every step of the way and reassured me that everything would be OK. I knew I was in experienced and caring hands. I very highly recommend this practice."

Brianna R. V.

"This office is AMAZING. I don't understand all these negative reviews. Dr. Delgado is so kind and informative... she really cares about her patients and helps you understand everything that is going on during your visits. The birthing center is also incredible. I gave birth there and it was just so peaceful and beautiful. I would not go anywhere else for my services!!"


They're heaven sent! We couldn't have had a better experience. Last year my wife and I found a donor and asked ourselves "now what?". This was all unfamiliar territory for us so we decided to speak to our GYN for some guidance on at home insemination. At our first visit they helped us better understand the steps we needed to take to see if I was even a candidate to carry. Long story short, we were so excited to find out that I was! We felt so comfortable and truly trusted them, and we decided to do our insemination at their office! Next concern, "Wait! What if I'm ovulating on a weekend or the doctor is on vacation?" They reassured us that they would make it work with our ovulation day and, needless to say, they did! Everyone, including the girl at the front desk, over exceeded every expectation and we are forever grateful to them for helping us create our perfect little boy!

Rhia and Maribel

"I’m blessed to be a patient here. Is it a very business office? Yes, but that’s understandable with the great medical staff & very nice office staff! I gave birth to my daughter Nov 2019 with Dr. Suzette Delgado.. and she is wonderful! She is so kind and attentive. She is easy going, made me feel quite comfortable to talk to her. Before I met her I saw Mary, the Midwife. Ladies, in the past I had pretty tough experiences doing my PAP, but Mary had done mine & she made me feel so comfortable. That was very important to me."

A. Diaz

"The office staff is very helpful and attentive. Dr. Suzette Delgado is very kind, she makes the comfort of her patients a top priority while maintaining a high level of professionalism. She is an excellent doctor who works efficiently but still takes her time with each patient and understands the individual needs of a patient. She is able to relate to her patients. I feel very comfortable asking questions and never feel rushed."

J. Rod

"This is the best OB/GYN office in Miami! The staff is always attentive of every patients needs and the doctors are incredible! Dr. Delgado is the best and always provides the best information and she makes me feel extremely comfortable. Ive never felt rushed in the office. I’ve always had an incredible experience here. Would definitely recommend! "

A. Pacheco

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