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Obstetrics, together with gynecology, deals with the health of the female reproductive organs, with obstetric services focusing more on pregnancy and all the associated complications, medical issues, and procedures. Simply put, an obstetrician strives to ensure the well-being of pregnant women and seeks that the delivery will end in a healthy and safe outcome.

For the most part, obstetrician specialists work closely with neonatologists and pediatricians to provide even better care for both the mother and the newborn baby, significantly lowering the chances of post-delivery complications of any kind.

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Functions of Obstetrical Care

Obstetricians provide a wide range of different services, such as:

  • Ensuring normal delivery and helping with performing essential assistance. Obstetrics specialists are responsible for working closely together with midwives to ensure safe and healthy delivery during labor.
  • Obstetricians may also facilitate delivery by performing an episiotomy, which involves making strategic incisions over the perineum to enlarge the birth canal in pregnant women.
  • Obstetrical care may also include speeding up the labor process to avoid maternal fatigue and fetal distress (the letter may induce brain damage in the baby). To speed up the process, obstetricians will often use vacuum-assisted delivery or other techniques such as forceps delivery.
  • They may also perform Cesarean or C-sections. This procedure means the surgical removal of the newborn from the womb to reduce the likelihood of labor-related complications, which may also cause damage to the newborn.
  • Obstetricians also diagnose and treat ectopic pregnancy, which develops when the fertilized egg gets implanted outside the womb (most commonly, the fallopian tubes). This causes problems when the fetus starts to develop in the tube, which increases the risk of tube rupture, which may be life-threatening. Fortunately, obstetrics specialists can detect and treat such cases before any severe would happen.
  • These experts may also provide cervical cerclage procedures, which involve placing sutures around the cervix to avoid and prevent miscarriages in previously lost pregnant women.
  • These healthcare providers will also help[ position the baby appropriately to ensure safe delivery if it is not in the natural birthing position. This is referred to as ECV or External cephalic version.
  • Obstetrical care also involves diagnosing any congenital abnormalities while the baby is still in the womb. This may include detecting conditions like Down’s syndrome using chorionic villus sampling, ultrasound, and other techniques.
  • Obstetrics specialists will also advise on contraception and may help with UID implants.
  • Using ultrasound to determine the presence of pregnancy and, later, monitoring fetal well-being
  • In some cases, abortion management and more.

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Preconception counseling or pregnancy counseling is an appointment that you schedule with your healthcare provider at least three months before trying to get pregnant. Preconception genetic counseling aims to help couples prepare for the pregnancy the right way, as the appointment(s) will tackle several medical topics, all while creating a comprehensive plan to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

During these appointments, you will discuss your and your partner’s family history, topics related to your general medical history, lifestyle, and questions pertaining to vaccination to identify or rule out any possible risks that may affect the pregnancy.

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine is a sub-specialty in the field of obstetrics that primarily focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of expecting mothers and their yet-to-born babies.

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists are experts who provide care for pregnant women who are experiencing high-risk medical issues during pregnancy. Still, even those mothers who are experiencing healthy pregnancies may benefit from fetal and maternal medicine, as these experts will gladly cater to low-risk cases as well.

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High-risk obstetrics focuses on pregnancies that can potentially threaten the life or health of a mother and her baby. High-risk pregnancy care is most often performed by high-risk OBGYN specialists who can spot any patterns that may contribute to the progression of a high-risk pregnancy.

That being said, some pregnancies become high-risk with progression, while in other cases, women are at risk of some complications even before getting reasons based on their medical history. Regular and early prenatal care may help women have low-risk and healthy pregnancies without health complications.

Some of the risk factors that may contribute to high-risk pregnancies are:

  • Existing conditions (diabetes, HIV, hypertension, and so on)
  • Obesity
  • Multiple births
  • Old or young maternal age

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Prenatal genetic testing enables parents to get information about possible birth abnormalities and genetic disorders the fetus may have. Genetic testing is optional, unlike other routine prenatal tests like glucose screening and blood tests.

When a couple opts for genetic testing during pregnancy, they will have to talk to their healthcare provider and decide together which option would be the best choice. Adequate genetic testing can diagnose most congenital disorders before birth, with two different testing methods: screening and diagnostic tests.

Screening tests don’t diagnose an actual abnormality; they just show whether the unborn baby has a higher chance of developing a disorder. On the other hand, diagnostic tests can confirm these conditions.

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Prenatal care and prenatal therapy describe regular checkups and possible treatment from certified healthcare providers throughout pregnancy, helping keep both the mother and the baby healthy.

Prenatal health is essential to stay healthy during the pregnancy itself. All the routine testing and care focuses on discovering any lingering issues and preventing possible complications. Prenatal care is also a stellar way to learn about easing some of the discomforts that can arise during pregnancy. Apart from that, these appointments help future mothers learn about pregnancy, the birthing process, and much more.

Our advice is to set up an appointment with a prenatal care expert before getting pregnant. Taking advantage of pre-pregnancy care or preconception planning often proves even more effective in having a healthy pregnancy.

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Ce-sections or cesarian sections are surgical procedures that help delivery through an incision made either in the womb or the tummy (most often in the latter, just below the bikini line). This is a major procedure that may pose several risks and is usually performed when it’s the safest option both for the mother and the baby.

Planned c-sections are often carried out because of the following:

  • The baby is in the breech position
  • The mother has a low-lying placenta
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Because certain infections are present
  • The baby doesn’t get enough nutrients or oxygen
  • The labor seems to stall, and the mother is experiencing excessive vaginal bleeding

Still, when in the hand of experienced experts, the procedure will be safe. After that, c-section recovery will be quicker as a result of expert c-section aftercare. To learn more about your options, schedule an appointment with us.

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