If you are concerned that you may have hemorrhoids, external or internal, you have options. You may find it surprisingly simple to diagnose and find the proper external hemorrhoids treatment for you with time and attention. In many cases, you can get rid of external hemorrhoids in 48 hours. Once you understand the types of hemorrhoids and options for external hemorrhoids treatment, you will then have some tools to help shrink hemorrhoids and, at last, bring this common problem to its remedy.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one small part of our anatomy; we all have them. They are, otherwise, a standard feature of the body, unbothered by the course of a typical lifestyle. But when these areas get aggravated, this tender skin can react with painful swelling of veins, causing protrusions and even bleeding. Not to worry; there is relief. You can quickly achieve proper care of hemorrhoids external with several simple, clean, and direct solutions.

Hemorrhoids External and Internal

When it comes to the two types of hemorrhoids, professionals classify type by location relative to the border between the rectum and the anus. They are, simply, internal (proximal) and external (distal). Both are treatable. Either may be severe. If you suspect you have either, please consult your physician.

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Internal and External Hemorrhoids Treatment

External hemorrhoids treatment utilizes three common treatment options: Self-Care, Medications (OTC and prescription), and Medical Procedures. If you think or know that you have external hemorrhoids, the ideas below can help to get a handle on the situation:


When dealing with digestion, it’s essential to know what goes in and comes out of our bodies. Let’s look at the diet: Drinking more water and eating foods with higher fiber content (nuts, fruits, broccoli, and beans) will help your system maintain in the short- and the long term. Hydration aids with the digestive system and all of the body’s other systems: Cardiovascular, muscular, nervous, skeletal, lymphatic, respiratory, and reproductive, so on… Enough water mixed with a high fiber diet can keep your whole body working well overall.

Other possible healthy options include: Drinking less caffeine and/or alcohol. These two beverage choices can be especially tough on the digestive system. For a healthy alternative, consider green tea also. If you can cut back on things like fat and cholesterol, that should be helpful. Perhaps, add to your dishes more garlic, which is not only rich in antioxidants but very delicious cooked. By bettering your diet, you may see results in only a short time.

Get Physical

Those are some things we can do now to take care of our insides, but what about our outsides? Well, one thing doctors will tell you is, “Don’t hold your movements!” They are right. Holding your movements can cause pressure, pain, and blockage at the digestive tract ends. This can aggravate the walls and tissue of both the rectum and the anus. Getting to the restroom should not have to wait. So, be aware and also remember: Don’t push. Pushing — or straining) — aggravates the tissue from the inside and outside and is sure to do damage. Knowing what to do and acting can save your health.

In addition to awareness, you can try an exercise routine. Even something as simple as walking or jumping jacks can kick-start the body into a healthier mode. Low-impact yoga and stretching are known benefactors to overall wellness. Keep exercise regular and remember to breathe deeply and fully. Oxygen to your brain can keep stress levels low and help you get better rest.


Sleep may be the most crucial factor in overall well-being. Having enough sleep will keep your body charged. Rest is restorative. Being alert and ready for your specific health needs starts with a good night’s sleep.

Daily Hygiene

When it comes to hygiene, let’s keep it short: Keep your areas clean. Wipe completely. Shower regularly. Hygiene helps you keep your defenses up against the development of hemorrhoids.

The final stop at Self-Care is knowing your genes. Genetics may play an important role, so learn your family’s medical history and visit your doctor regularly.

Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids in 48 Hours

Beyond lifestyle and diet, you can eradicate many hemorrhoids with natural medicines. Easy-to-find natural remedies include witch hazel extract, aloe vera, zinc oxide, and much more.

Can’t get to the store? Try a good old-fashioned ice pack. An ice pack or a cold compress can relieve immediate discomfort. These are first-line defenses and are safe to use. Remember to read all labels and follow instructions.

Beyond natural remedies, you can try many safe over-the-counter and prescription products. Ointments, creams, suppositories, local anesthetics, and steroid treatments are all readily available. Reducing swelling can be a relatively painless process. Visit your pharmacy or drug store and speak with a pharmacist. Be sure to follow the advice and to read the instructions and warning labels on all medications.

Medical Procedures to Shrink Hemorrhoids

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If medications and remedies don’t alleviate your discomfort and need further help, plenty of safe and fast procedures are available. Many methods only require one quick office visit. The risk of hemorrhoids returning is very low. And almost all of the procedures are minimally invasive, relatively painless, and produce lasting results.

Procedures include:

  • Traditional (Hemorrhoidectomy): The hemorrhoids are removed by an instrument, usually a scalpel. This is a standard procedure that easily keeps hemorrhoids from coming back.
  • Rubber Banding Ligation: Common and proven highly effective, the external hemorrhoids are banded near the base to cut off blood flow, allowing the unwanted skin tag(s) to fall off naturally.
  • Infrared Therapy: This method uses an infrared laser to create fibrous tissue, preventing blood flow. This procedure will shrink hemorrhoids, and the skin tags will then fall right off.
  • Electrotherapy: Much like the traditional method, electrotherapy works by using a heated element, like a cautery pencil to remove the troublesome issue safely.
  • Cryotherapy: After a local anesthetic, the doctor will freeze and remove the hemorrhoid. This method may leave you with a small amount of discomfort and requires about two weeks of recovery.
  • Stapling: This method uses circular titanium staples and shares a similar goal with the same desired results as banding, infrared, and cryotherapy.

Other Factors

A healthy lifestyle demands attention in all areas. You don’t have to be constipated or pregnant to experience hemorrhoids external. There are other factors to consider that might be contributing to the issue. These include:

  • Stress (mental and/or physical)
  • Any other illnesses (chronic and/or congenital)
  • Straining during movements
  • Lifting of heavy items
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Obesity
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing

You care about your health and know that relevant information is the first step. Get rid of external hemorrhoids in 48 hours. It is possible. Understanding the numerous types of treatments available, you can be ready to make a plan and take the best action for yourself. Hemorrhoids are natural and, often, are an uncomplicated issue. Caring and looking after your complete health is easier when you have the correct information on your side. Don’t suffer. Get help. Relief is around the corner.

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