Pilonidal Disease in Palm Beach County

Pilonidal Disease

A Pilonidal Cyst can cause severe tailbone pain, which is one of the most common ways people search for information about this disease. The pain develops when a combination of dead skin and hair build up and gets infected in the sinus tracts and pits. There may be more than one Pilonidal Abscesses and the tract can connect to the outer skin which will allow it to drain fluids or itch. In addition to being painful, the fluids that drain may have a foul smell and become embarrassing.

Every patient’s situation is unique and there is not one routine treatment path. The main objective is to eliminate the possibility of recurrence, which can happen if the right steps aren’t taken.

At Advanced Surgical Physicians we can help you decide whether pit picking, debridement or pilonidal excision with or without the cleft lift procedure is right for you.

With detailed after care instructions, we can help, so you won’t have to deal with this problem again.

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