Birth Control Counseling In Coral Springs, FL

Ideal Women’s Health is ready to provide its patients with adequate means of birth control. We firmly believe that all women should be educated on the subject of birth control and the available female contraceptives on the market.

As such, we offer comprehensive birth control counseling, exploring every possible birth control option with the patient, discussing what they should expect from specific methods and how they should be used, and discussing possible side effects.

Birth Control Counseling in a Friendly Atmosphere

We understand that some women might feel embarrassed when they have to talk to providers about their sex life, no matter whether the topic is about family planning, birth control, or medical issues.

Because this is a delicate issue, we assure you from the start that we support every patient’s needs and will strive to cater to them.

We also understand that the patient’s medical history and lifestyle choices are core factors that we will need to discuss thoroughly before choosing the specific birth control solution.

We will do everything in our power to make the experience welcoming, non-discriminating, and, above all, educational. We aim to help you find the best birth control option to help you live your best life.

Our experienced staff will discuss various factors you should consider when deciding what kind of birth control you want to use.

They will touch on topics such as:

  • Duration and effectiveness of the therapy
  • Your medical conditions
  • Birth control’s possible impacts on your menstrual cycle
  • Ease of use
  • Possible costs
  • Reversibility and return of fertility
  • The contraceptive’s potential to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
  • Possible birth control side effects

Birth Control Options to Consider

Fortunately, there are several different options available regarding female contraception. During your first birth control counseling session, Dr. White-Videa and her friendly staff will review each method, highlighting its benefits and possible shortcomings.

Barrier methods like diaphragms and condoms
These are among the most well-known methods that are effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Birth control patches
These are usually worn for no more than three weeks then women take a week-long break from them. Patches usually work like other well-known hormone solutions that prevent the egg from being released.

Injection contraceptives
Specific injection types use progestin, providing 99% prevention. They are typically given every three months.

Natural family planning
These methods include better understanding your fertility cycle, spermicides, and abstinence.

These methods use hormones and allow protection from unwanted pregnancy for up to several years.

IUDs or intrauterine devices
IUDs are small devices inserted into the vagina that last several years and are highly effective without using hormones.

Vaginal rings
These are soft, plastic rings with time-release estrogen and progestogen doses helping prevent pregnancy, typically for a month.

Oral contraceptives
Traditional birth control pills prevent ovulation. They may be progestin-only or may also contain estrogen.

Plan B or emergency contraception
As the name suggests, emergency contraception is a one-time intervention that prevents pregnancy after unprotected sex.

To learn more about the options we provide, feel free to reach out to us today.

Patient Feedback

Dr White is amazing, she is patient, knowledgeable, and gentle. She takes her time and answers any concerns that you may have. I have been going to her for 2 1/2 years, and it’s always a smooth visit.

Liz S. J.

I switched to Dr. White’s office during my second pregnancy from a different doctors office and I was so extremely grateful. She is very attentive and listens to all my concerns. Also explains everything and keeps me in the loop about procedures/blood work that needs to be done. Labor went great and bedside manner was great also. Currently pregnant with my 3rd baby and extremely happy to still be with Dr. White.

Verified Patient

I love Dr White. She made me comfortable from the first visit. I still love her and will continue to go to her as long as she’s an ob/gyn.

Verified Patient

My visit with Dr. Jessica White was very pleasant. She took her time throughout the examination process. She was also very friendly and easy talk to. This was my first visit, but I’ve already advised another family member to book an appointment with her office.

Max D.

Dr. White is amazing! My family and friends go here. I keep recommending her to everyone I know! She explains thoroughly what’s going on with you and go over plan of action. She is patient with her patients.

Verified Patient

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