Hormone Replacement Therapy In Coral Springs, FL

HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, describes taking medications that contain female hormones. Essentially, the drug intends to replace the hormones (most often, estrogen) that the body stops producing for specific reasons, like menopause or other medical conditions.

For the most part, hormone replacement therapy for women is among the most popular ways to treat widespread menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes.

As good as it may sound, there are some concerns associated with HRT; thus, it might not be the best option for every patient. This is why it’s essential to talk about hormone therapy side effects with your provider, who can create a tailored regimen to help you improve your symptoms and overall quality of life.

Types of HRT

As mentioned above, hormone replacement therapy focuses on replacing the hormone – estrogen – which the female body no longer makes following menopause. On that end, providers will usually offer two different therapy types:

  • Low-dose vaginal products may come in rings, tablets, and creams. These minimize the amount of estrogen the body absorbs, mainly used to treat urinary and vaginal menopause symptoms.
  • Systemic hormone therapy is usually available in skin patches, sprays, pills, rings, and gels. Containing higher estrogen doses, these options can treat more, all less all, menopause symptoms.

Naturally, depending on your medical history and other factors, your provider may also prescribe progestin or progesterone along with estrogen solutions to ensure hormonal balance in your body and to avoid some of the more severe hormone replacement therapy side effects that may arise.

As such, HRT should always be prescribed and remain under the supervision of a certified expert who understands the complexities of the female reproductive system, the endocrine system, and the ways replacement therapy may affect patients.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Side Effects

Depending on several factors, replacement therapy may increase the risk of some serious medical conditions.

Age, medical history, and the type of prescribed hormone therapy all play a crucial role in how the patient’s body will react to the treatment. Again, to ensure that the benefits of HRT outweigh the risks, it’s essential to consult with an expert before taking these hormonal products.

Benefits of Hormone Therapy

If administered by an expert, the benefits of hormone therapy can outweigh the negatives and may provide patients with the following benefits:

  • Relieving symptoms of moderate and severe hot flashes
  • Help with a wide range of menopause of menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and pain during intercourse.
  • It helps prevent fractures and bone loss. Systemic estrogen can help against bone-thinning or osteoporosis.
  • It helps ease the symptoms of estrogen deficiency or early menopause.

Also, your provider will probably advise the following to keep the associated risks and adverse HRT side effects at bay:

  • Taking a minimal amount of medication that brings positive results. Using the lowest effective dose (determined by your provider) can be the best way to ease your symptoms and avoid any unwanted side effects in the process.
  • Find the best delivery method and product for you. Depending on your symptoms and needs, you may choose from various solutions. Consult with your provider and find out what’s the best option for you.
  • Stove to commit to a healthy lifestyle

Look for Expert Help

Hormone replacement therapy can be complicated and should be discussed with an experienced On/GYN. That

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