Postpartum Care In Coral Springs, FL

What is Postpartum Care?

At Ideal Women’s Health Care, adequate postpartum care is vital to our provided services. By crafting a comprehensive postpartum care plan, our team with Dr. White-Videa focuses on helping women adjust to their new lives and offer support, especially when women have complex postpartum conditions.

For the most part, postpartum vaginal care should be a prioritized topic apart from ensuring that your newborn gets the required attention. Why? Most women will experience vaginal tearing during delivery, and around 15% can experience vaginal lacerations, slow healing, infection, or urinary and bowel control problems.

These issues may be embarrassing to talk about. Still, with our postpartum care plan, our beloved patients have nothing to feel ashamed about as we work as a unit to make the post-delivery procedure as smooth as possible.

Comprehensive Postpartum Care

During the initial consultation, patients can expect the following:

  • A thorough examination of their surgical, obstetric, and medical history, evaluating the recent delivery.
  • Discussing any issues with breastfeeding
  • Screening for postpartum depression
  • Evaluating bladder and/or bower problems
  • Assessing any issues with pain
  • Physical examination
  • Education on the subject of vaginal tears
  • Creating an individualized postpartum care healing plan

Patients will be supervised and guided by trained postpartum care specialists who are knowledgeable on the topic of pelvic muscle management and being able to tend to bladder and bowel issues.

If necessary, our patients will also receive a comprehensive strengthening program for the pelvic muscles, and we may also discuss plans for future deliveries if the patient wants to.

Naturally, our experts will educate our patients to prevent future complications through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Lastly, our experts can also provide specialized testing and minor in-office procedures to promote healing, and we might arrange further surgeries if needed.

Support When You Need It

Apart from caring about your little bundle of joy, you must also take good care of yourself. We here at Ideal Women’s Health Care focus on educating mothers to learn how to recover from the stress of pregnancy in those most critical first few weeks.

That said, we will also help you create a comprehensive plan for the following:

  • Effective relaxation methods
  • How to avoid lifting heavy things and/or when and how to get back to exercising
  • Making sure your hygiene is impeccable
  • Tips on how to make baby care simple
  • Strategies on how to limit outside stressors
  • Being there for you both as medical and emotional support

We understand that pregnancy and the postpartum period are both joyful and challenging. As such, we are here for you to help you every step of this unforgettable journey. Reach out to us today.

Patient Feedback

My visit with Dr. Jessica White was very pleasant. She took her time throughout the examination process. She was also very friendly and easy talk to. This was my first visit, but I’ve already advised another family member to book an appointment with her office.

Max D.

I love Dr White. She made me comfortable from the first visit. I still love her and will continue to go to her as long as she’s an ob/gyn.

Verified Patient

Dr White is amazing, she is patient, knowledgeable, and gentle. She takes her time and answers any concerns that you may have. I have been going to her for 2 1/2 years, and it’s always a smooth visit.

Liz S. J.

Dr. White is amazing! My family and friends go here. I keep recommending her to everyone I know! She explains thoroughly what’s going on with you and go over plan of action. She is patient with her patients.

Verified Patient

I switched to Dr. White’s office during my second pregnancy from a different doctors office and I was so extremely grateful. She is very attentive and listens to all my concerns. Also explains everything and keeps me in the loop about procedures/blood work that needs to be done. Labor went great and bedside manner was great also. Currently pregnant with my 3rd baby and extremely happy to still be with Dr. White.

Verified Patient

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