Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB) Treatment in Plantation, Florida

Abnormal uterine bleeding, or AUB for short, may indicate an underlying gynecological issue. Our experts at Broward Complete OB/GYN Wellness Center can help if you’re currently dealing with abnormal uterine bleeding.

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What Is Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB)?

Menstrual bleeding that is not regular, lasts longer than usual, or is much heavier than normal is considered abnormal. Keeping track of one’s menstrual cycle and noting any deviations is the best technique to detect AUB. Irregular bleeding can sometimes occur outside of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Abnormal uterine bleeding causes can be many. Possible causes include:

The cause of an abnormal Pap smear is not necessarily cancer. The Pap test results may come back abnormal in the following cases, too:

  • Fluctuating hormone levels
  • A blood clotting disorder
  • The presence of uterine growths like polyps or fibroids

Abnormal bleeding might occur for reasons that are not always apparent. Excessive physical exertion and extreme mental stress have been linked to irregular bleeding and menstrual cycle disruptions. More dangerous abnormal uterine bleeding causes include ectopic pregnancy, uterine cancer, and cervical cancer.

AUB Diagnosis and Treatment

The doctor will look at your medical records and ask about your symptoms to figure out what’s causing abnormal uterine bleeding.

Blood, thyroid, and hormone tests, pelvic ultrasounds, and endometrial biopsies are some of the diagnostic procedures that may be required, along with a pregnancy test. A pelvic exam and Pap test will be performed to check for cervical cancer. Further laboratory testing will be necessary to analyze the sample of cervical cells.

To check for cancer, fibroids, and polyps, your abnormal uterine bleeding specialist may suggest a hysteroscopic exam.

The abnormal uterine bleeding treatment options vary according to the underlying cause of the bleeding. Period irregularities and heavy or light bleeding can be managed with hormonal medications and contraceptive tablets. In addition to rest and fluids, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can be quite helpful in treating this condition.

Polyps or fibroids may necessitate surgical removal. The doctor may recommend endometrial ablation if your symptoms are severe. If hormonal therapy and ablation procedures don’t work, a hysterectomy may be considered.

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