Routine well-visits

Children grow and develop quickly. Routine well-visits are essential to their wellbeing and long-term health. During your child’s well visit, a pediatrician will perform a physical exam, assess your child’s growth and development, advise on health and safety issues, recommend age appropriate immunizations and laboratory testing if indicated, and answer any questions you may have. Vision, hearing, and routine developmental screenings are performed. Fluoride dental treatments offered to our youngest patients.

Even if you think your child is perfectly healthy, it’s still recommended that you schedule routine well-visits to ensure that your child’s immunizations are up to date, to screen for unsuspected health conditions, to monitor growth and development, and to allow your child to develop an ongoing healthy relationship with their pediatrician.


Immunizations are crucial for protecting your child from potentially life-threatening diseases. On-time vaccination throughout childhood is a must because it provides immunity at a developmentally appropriate time – when your child is able to respond to the vaccine but before before your child is likely to be exposed. The purpose of regular immunization is simple – to prevent disease.

At Kings Bay Pediatrics, we follow the vaccine recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Phlebotomy, also known as venipuncture, is a process of drawing blood from a vein. Phlebotomy is done for laboratory testing of blood samples too large to be obtained by a finger stick. If needed by your child, our experienced medical assistants are available by appointment to perform phlebotomy in a familiar setting. There is a small additional charge for routine phlebotomy services.

Ear piercings

Ear piercing by one of our experienced medical assistants is available at the time of your child’s well visit (2 months or older) if scheduled in advance, or can be scheduled separately at your convenience. While you can have your child’s ears pierced in a variety of settings, doing so in a controlled environment by an experienced professional is much safer and preferred by many families.

Acute and chronic childhood illnesses

King’s Bay’s experienced physicians are available on a same-day basis by appointment when your child is acutely ill. Our office nurse is available during office hours for consultation if you are unsure whether your child is sick enough to require an appointment.

We are comfortable coordinating care for children with a variety of health concerns, including Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders, asthma, eating disorders, prematurity, autism spectrum disorders, and many more. Children with chronic conditions can be seen episodically in addition to their well visits for closer monitoring and coordination of care.

If you live in or near Miami, Florida, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. In order to maintain a timely schedule, we do not accept walk-ins.

In an effort to maintain our timely schedule, we do not accept walk-ins. To schedule an appointment, please call 786 686-2853 during office hours.