Hysterectomy in Miami

Hysterectomy Q & A

What is a hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus. The skilled OB-GYN team at Lievano Perez Obstetrics and Gynecology of Miamiiates always explores nonsurgical treatments before recommending surgery, however, if removing the uterus is the best option for your condition, they offer the most advanced options available, including:

Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy

A laparoscope is a thin, flexible instrument with a camera lens that allows your surgeon at Lievano Perez Obstetrics and Gynecology of Miami to view your internal organs through tiny incisions.

During laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH), they view your uterus through the laparoscope and carefully remove it through an incision in your vagina.

Laparoscopic total hysterectomy

A total hysterectomy removes your entire uterus. This procedure involves removing your uterus through tiny incisions in your abdomen with the use of a laparoscope.

Total abdominal hysterectomy

An abdominal hysterectomy requires making a large incision across your lower abdomen to remove the uterus. In cases where laparoscopic surgery isn’t an option, open abdominal hysterectomy is necessary.

Partial abdominal hysterectomy

A partial, or supracervical, hysterectomy, involves removing only the upper part of the uterus. Your cervix remains in place.

Why would I need a hysterectomy?

Your provider at Lievano Perez Obstetrics and Gynecology of Miami may recommend a hysterectomy to resolve a problem that doesn’t improve with conservative treatment. Common conditions that may require a hysterectomy include:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Gynecologic cancer
  • Uterine prolapse
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding

The team at Lievano Perez Obstetrics and Gynecology of Miami only recommends a hysterectomy if your condition is serious, such as cancer, or continues to disrupt your life after attempts at nonsurgical treatment.

What should I expect from a hysterectomy procedure?

First, your provider at Lievano Perez Obstetrics and Gynecology of Miami performs a physical exam and reviews your medical history to ensure that a hysterectomy is the right treatment for you. Then, they discuss the best type of procedure for your particular condition and answer any questions you may have.

The surgeons at Lievano Perez Obstetrics and Gynecology of Miami perform minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. They may also employ the da Vinci robotic system for improved precision for hysterectomy and other minimally invasive surgeries. Minimally invasive surgery leads to less pain, reduced scarring, and faster recovery time for you.

To learn more about your options for hysterectomy surgery, call Lievano Perez Obstetrics and Gynecology of Miami or book an appointment online today.


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