Christiane Trujillo

Christiane Trujillo was born in Antwerp, Belgium. She moved to New York during her teen years and completed her secondary education in New York City. After moving to South Florida, she joined Pediatric Professional Associates where she has become part of the family at PPA. She has held several key positions over the last 30 plus years gaining experience at the front desk, managing accounts receivable, and in the lab before being appointed to her current position as Office Manager. She is fluent in 4 languages, including Spanish. “Chrissie” has 1 daughter and 1 granddaughter and when not working enjoys boating, traveling, and reading.

Dr. Finer is very kind and patient. I appreciate that he speaks to my children in the same way he speaks to adults. It helps them to trust him.

Erica M.

Dr. Finer’s bedside manner is very professional and caring which makes my children feel very comfortable and at ease. Being in the health profession for three decades I highly recommend his services.

Marcos P.

Dr. Finer has been the primary Pediatrician for both my son and daughter for The last 26 years. I could not have chosen a better doctor!

Margarita H.

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